Friday, February 22, 2013

Serving size, shmerving size

**I always vacillate about the caps/no caps of the post's title.  Thoughts?**

I'm an eater.  I love me some food so long as it's good food.  Highly processed, coma-inducing fast food garbage isn't good food.  And for me, once I really "got out into the world" and cooked for myself every day, I realized that what I can make is ever so much better than what the dollar menu is selling.  This is not to say that I don't ignore some of what I make, hoping that the boy finishes it instead (which, you know, usually happens).  But now that I have little beans sprouting at my house, I've caught myself thinking a couple of times how "THIS is going to be one of those recipes that I will make for my daughters.  And they will remember it.  And they will request it as they grow up.  And they will want me to write down the recipe for them when they're ready to move out.  And they will try to make it themselves in their own kitchens someday.  And it will not turn out as good for them for some reason.  And they will come back to my kitchen so that I can make it for them.  Yes.  This will happen."

Why is it that those favorite recipes from our mamas' kitchens invariably never turn out the same when reproduced in our own? 

Today, this is a story of one of those recipes that is one of my new favorites, one that always turns out exactly right, one that my kids will, I hope, request someday.  Strangely enough, I don't ever remember eating this growing, ever.  Never.  Not once.  I remember any other kind of dessert being standard fare around my mom's kitchen but never RICE PUDDING.  Now, I heart it up and down.  And this particular version of it is ever so creamy and perfect with a handful of chocolate chips and a handful of pecans thrown on top when it's still warm.  Take away those toppings, and there is not much fat in it and a fairly reasonable amount of sugar given that it's all dessert-y and such.  Here, then, is my Friday gift to you (courtesy of "Erica G." from, who has to be a truly lovely person, no doubt): CREAMY RICE PUDDING.  (Recipe addendum: what the heck do you need to make 2 pots dirty?  You don't.  Use the same pot.  And, if you use jasmine rice, which I always do and so should you, then your rice stays soft and creamy, even after it's been fridged.  Oh, and skip the raisins without feeling ashamed.)

This is a temptation that knows no serving sizes.  Attack it with a big spoon and no guilt, my friend.

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Crystal said...

I like the idea of recipes that your girls will call you and ask about. I don't usually cotton to rice puddin' but I just might give this one a try, just for you. ;)