Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Still sittin' at the kids' table

Gone Girl epilogue:  I pounded through the last 200 pages of the book, which lived up to the hype from cover to cover.  Strap yourself in for this one--the twists don't stop-a-comin' from beginning to end.  I was wrong about what I thought the ending would be, but it was still a good one, so I don't feel cheated.  For what it's worth, here's my pick if you ever want to read a book with truly unlikeable protagonists.  That doesn't happen a lot.

In other news, another holiday is approaching quickly.  Another chance for wonderful food is coming.  Another special day where I don't have to do any of the cooking is upon us.  That's a bit too benign.  I greatly appreciate having the luxury of wallowing in delicious holiday food, make no mistake.  Granted, Easter isn't a top food holiday with my family, but we still have much of it and good times are plenteous as well.  What I really mean is that Easter is another special day where I don't GET to do any of the cooking.

I have a mum and a mum-in-law who are both skilled cooks and enjoy the kitchen scene.  I have brothers/sisters-in-law who pitch in a-plenty as well.  Inevitably, I always feel like I'm forcing others to let me bring food to family shin-digs.  And to me, whatever I make & bring needs to be some amount of awwww-yeah and wow mixed together.  I want to bring the bowl, platter or basket that people hover over and slur "Whoa, who brought this...???" to each other.  When I passed from "still in college" to "supports herself without the help of parents," I felt like it was well time to join the adult foodie conversation.  When I inherited some food-loving in-laws, I thought surely this would be a place where I could craft a niche for myself. 

Yet inevitably, my mom gives me the "Oh, there's going to be so much food anyway, you don't have to worry about it.  Just bring yourself and your family; that's enough" speech.  My hubby's mom rather pulls the reverse with the "Oh...well...what do you want to bring?  Salad?"  PLEASE just let me bring something.  And if I tell you that I'm going to bring bread, don't make rolls.  I make really good bread.  And, salad...pssshhhhhh.  I'm falling off the meat-eating wagon big time (I do love me some veggies), but salad of any variety does not whisper let alone scream HOLIDAY! 

It's a small handful of days before Easter weekend with a couple of family meals in the works and another opportunity to actively participate in the service of feeding some of those who know me best and consequently whom I love the most.  And I don't have any food plans put together.  Cause I'm still figuratively sittin' at the kids' table, throwing food at the cool people, trying to get their attention.  This really isn't such a bad problem.  Not at all.  In our families, even the kids get some pretty tasty bits and a lot of laughs besides.

"A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety."  --Aesop     

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MrsSmeej said...

Desserts are always a welcome addition to any holiday meal. Also, eminently "Wow" worthy. Good luck and have a fun Easter.