Sunday, June 2, 2013

My passive-agressive relationship with technology

In the game of technology kickball, I'm the kid who is picked last and is left sitting on the sidelines of the playground.  Technology is the cool kid, and I default back to the role which I played so well all through school--the uncool nerd who can't keep up with others and hides in a (stay with me now) book...the kind that is still made of paper.  Whereas technology doesn't embarrass or tease me as those flesh & blood twerps did back in the day, it just doesn't pay any attention to me whatsoever now.

I'm pretty good at coasting now, but I perpetually feel like I'm holding on by my fingertips.  This became most readily apparent my last couple of years teaching when the focus of education changed dramatically and all of my problems became exacerbated.  Education is a weird little beastie now, and it doesn't matter what subject you teach, if you don't have some mad technology skills, you're in scramble to survive mode e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

I have an iPad at my disposal, which we didn't buy.  We just bought a texting plan a few months ago strictly because of the ludicrous amount of texts that were sent to the boy willy-nilly from anyone and everyone, which we somewhat resentfully caved on.  And that's about the extent of my technology savvy in regards to what the cool kids are using.  That iPad--just a glorified laptop.  That texting--I still spell everything and use actual grammar.  

No smart phone.  No idea how to use instagram.  No desire to spend more of my day with technology.  It's a cold bed fellow, and I don't want to push out my warm little snuggle bugs in favor of a date with something insensate (here's looking at you, Siri!).

That being said, let me clarify that while I don't want to become more consumed by technology than I already am, I am wholeheartedly envious of those to whom technology speak comes so naturally.  My teaching buddy, Steve, is a perfect example of this.  Not only is he a fantastic educator, truly one of my favorites that I have ever worked with, but he also has this technology intuition that was stunning to be around.  He wrote this savvy bit of an article that left me feeling all I-wish-I-could-think-like-that.  He's perfectly suited for the foreseeable trajectory of education, and I miss teaching with him and learning from him.

I also have a suspicion that technology isn't as all-consuming for Steve as it would be for me if I tried to do what he does with the tools that he has at his disposal.  I have a hunch that those who are in the know just zip around with it in a way that I can't.  I'm a technology turtle, and I'm okay with that.  One of the blessings of my marriage is that I found a boy who gets it and brings me along for the ride free of charge.

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