Monday, August 12, 2013

When friends get married

I have a list of things to do today, and blogging isn't on it.  But the kids are both busy (passed out and zoned out, respectively), so I'm going to revel in a few minutes of aaahhhh-time.  Today is the first day of the school year for the boy, so it's also our first day officially out of summer break.  I was actually somewhat apprehensive at the end of last school year, anxious that this summer was going to bite the big one with lots of too-many-people-in-too-close-of-quarters tension every day.  But, I kid you not, this was by far my favorite summer that we have had in 8 years of being married.  It was busy but purposefully so with day trips and a to-do list that kept us focused.  We are going to enter every summer with a to-do list from now on.  And there won't be any newborn summers anymore (we've done 2 and lived to tell the tale), so that's a plus.  Add that stress to the aforementioned too-close-of-quarters aspect: YIKES at times.

Here's the deal: My BF from high school and one of my bridesmaids is getting married, kind of.  Literally, she is getting married.  But, she's also already gotten married.  Right now, I'm in this state of limbo where I think she's married but also not married.  Makes sense, right?

It's really a pretty blah story.  White girl from NE Indiana goes to Harvard after getting her undergrad degree and becomes a lawyer.  That happens all of the time.  Then while out in the Boston area, lawyer girl meets MIT engineer boy, and they, you know...fall in love.  Boring story so far?  Engineer boy also happens to be Indian from a traditional Indian family.  You've heard all of this before, I'm sure. 

Fast forward a few years where lawyer girl used to work for the Department of Labor in Dallas and now lives in Chicago so that she can live in the same zip code as her engineer boy who's starting his grad work at Northwestern.  Now there's a wedding in the works, and it's on Michigan Avenue (which is, of course, the Miracle Mile).  Except that there was also a wedding over the weekend.  In India.  And it was pretty cool to watch.

Watch?  What?  Did I travel to India?  Not so much.  Did I use my computer to watch it live while also trying to grade papers?  Yes, so much. 

Also over the weekend, we made our hotel reservation at the same posh spot where the Americanized wedding will be in a few weeks.  Thank our lucky stars for the wedding "discount" on the rooms cause otherwise we'd have to sell both children to pay for that one-night stay.  As it is, we only have to sell one.  (I'll get back with you later about which one draws the short straw.)  This wedding will be an experience.  Another this-isn't-like-any-other-wedding-you've-gone-to moment: the invites express black tie/formal dress preferred.  I haven't gone into my closet yet to decide which gown I should wear.  (The black one that I wore to the Oscars last year?  What about the red one from the last Presidential Inauguration?  Decisions, decisions.) 

Cost, dress, inconvenience aside, we're pretty excited to be asked to join this event.  I imagine that it's going to be something of a surreal experience to watch my friend get married in this glorious venue.  Whenever I think about it, I have flashback moments to things like high school band, her junky car, and coffee shops.  This is exactly the kind of life that she always wanted, and I'm thrilled with how it's all coming together for her.  बधाइयाँ!

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