Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My little people

The days have been gorgeously sunny and warm, and we have been out and about with several impromptu field trips.  A year ago, I would not have even attempted to take day trips by myself with a 3-year and a 2-month old.  It just wouldn't have even entered my mind as a possibility.  Just a few days later (or so it seems, right?), we've been having some sweet girl time and tons of fun.  (I had an actual topic to write about flitting through my mind earlier today, but when the fingers hit the keyboard, I couldn't, for whatever reason, remember what it is.  Thus, enjoy the pictures instead!) 

 Who doesn't love to ride a cow carousel?

 This is completely indicative of both girls' personalities--over zealous & patiently suffering.

 We have several pictures of #1 with this same elephant fountain from years past.  

Just for reference, this picture is #1 from when we took her to the same zoo (both 14 months old) as the picture of #2 with the elephant fountain, taken about a week ago.  Sisters, no???

 Because she's a silly goofball, little bean occupied herself for at least 30 minutes putting blocks down her shirt and walking around with a belly fully of corners poking out.  GOOD times.

 I rather love this smile.  (coloring together with some mommy & me time)

I kid you not, this kid does this all of the time.  I finally got a picture of her balancing on her head. 
And, my big little one returned for her second year of pre-school.  Here's another example of how much we can change in just one year.  Oh.  My.  Word.  Is that my child, all confident and purposeful, heading into her new preschool room with her new teacher and her new classmates, none of which she is familiar with, which would have rendered her mute and clingy a few short months ago?  This time, I'm not bribing & there's no lovey in sight.  The backpack has been packed (and re-packed and re-packed and re-packed) in preparation for the big day: (in the words of my daughter) "PREEE-SCHEEEEEEWWWWWWUUUUUULLLLLLLLL!!!!!"  ("First, we'll have gym time, and then we'll have a snack, and then centers!")  In case you're wondering what is absolutely essential to pack when headed to the 4-year old class, the following is the list of items she toted to school, only to leave in her backpack, hanging on the hook.  But just in case, she took her "favorite" purple crayon (news to me that she has a favorite), her monkey water bottle ("that I got for my birthday!"), her sunglasses, a dot-to-dot book, and about 4 half-used notebooks of different shapes and sizes.  Prior to today, I put the solitary colored pencil away so that little sprout wouldn't chew on it as it was just sticking up & out of the pocket of the backpack.  Luckily, big one didn't notice the omission when she did the grand un-packing right before lunch. 
 first day of pre-school, 3-years old: nervous

first day of pre-school, 4-years old: confident
(This picture pretty much looks exactly like what it was: a rush job.  Them's the breaks sometimes.)

Next year: KINDERGARTEN.  But that's a whole 'nuther post.

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