Friday, September 6, 2013

Sister, Sister!

Often, we receive amusing comments about our girls.  Amusing in that perspective is everything.  Today, I'm referring to the inevitable comments in the same vein as "They're starting to look alike!"  Pardon?  I mean, starting...?! 

I get that you haven't been staring at each of their faces since birth.  Actually, since my oldest stares the floor more often than looking back at someone when they speak to her in public, you might not have really noticed what she looks like.  But still.  These munchkins are done cut from the same bolt of mini-me cloth.  With due regards to my mother-in-law who swears up and down that #1 is the spitting image of her son, I thoroughly disagree.  And I've looked at a myriad of pictures trying to find the clone-ness. 

Today, I'm going to play my new favorite game of "guess which child this is."  And, since the girls were born exactly 3 years and 16 days apart, their clothing matches up per-fect-o for comparison shots such as these.  In other words, you can't count on the season to be a giveaway if one was born in winter and the other in summer. It is a game we have played a few times when I put forth some effort to organize the mass of images.  And, it is a game that we have both lost upon occasion.  This is how we roll on Friday nights.  Sometimes Saturday nights as well.

For a frame of reference, the first shot is one that was taken within the last month with both #1 & #2 in it.  After that, see if you can figure it out.  Answers, like any game in a magazine, is at the bottom.

This one is a little tricky, I know, since it's smallish and #2 is wearing a hat.  But, this is literally the only picture that I have with both girls in it from the last month where each is smiling and/or looking at the camera.  


This post has taken me an inordinately long amount of time as I've been sifting through scads of pictures (good) and blogger isn't being very user friendly for me right now once I have them loaded (bad).  And, this very well may be one of the most boring posts that I've written.  If you found yourself questioning why I would throw up 20 random pictures of the girls, I don't know.  I just did cause I felt like it. 

Answers: 1.)#2  2.)#2  3.)#1  4.)#2  5.)#1  6.)#1  7.)#1  8.)#2  9.)#1  10.)#2  11.)#1  12.)#1  13.)#1  14.)#1  15.)#1  16.)#2  17.)#2  18.)#2  19.)#2  20.)#2   (I mentioned that blogger wasn't being very happy with me and all of these pictures, right?  As in, this isn't nearly as mixed up as I intended.  Blerg.)

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