Saturday, January 11, 2014

My lotion is potion

How do you like that title?!?  It's the best I could come up with on 2 seconds notice.

Literally, this is all going to be about my lotion, the miracle that it is.  Feel free to join me in a little love fest over it for a brief moment.  It won't be long.

Lesson #1:
It pays to ask questions at the doctor's office.  Case in point--at our little bean's 18-month well-baby check-up, I randomly asked how doctors and nurses keep their hands from being all dried and cracked during these wicked winter months.  When my 20s hit, my hands began a yearly revolt against all things dry air.  I would always have this chapped, reddish demarcation between my always covered forearms and my rarely covered hands.  My knuckles and the thick skin around my fingernails would bleed.  It was uncomfortable from November-April.  No lotion worked.  None.  Then, I struck up a conversation with someone in the know, who glanced at my hands, and quickly responded (after first answering my question by pointing at a bottle of lotion...that part wasn't helpful) "Oh, I can help you with that."

Lesson #2:
Medicated lotion is the be-all and end-all in my day-to-day life now.  It is the best $20-some that my flex health account has ever spent money on for me.  I use it twice a day and nothing else.  That's right, home-skillets.  Nothing else.  No more Jergens.  No more Aquaphor.  No more St. Ives.  I could go on cause my list of lotions tried is purty extensive.  I love it like none other. 

Lesson #3: 
My medicated lotion has a weak acid in it (which I don't really get as it seems that an acid would work against my end goal), and it will find any minute cut in your hand.  However, this is how I know that it's working.  The first time I used it--egads.  Burn, baby, burn.  Two days later (yeah, yeah...two days!!), barely a burn at all.  Three days out and ever since--nothin'!  This stuff is incredible (imagine me exclaiming that in Spanish since that's what it sounded like in my mind when I wrote that short sentence). 

There you go.  My life has come to this: hand lotion.  Bring on the hot, hot water whenever I want.  Jealous, much?
I feel like you might feel this post a bit lacking in anything interesting.  Here's a freebie.  She wasn't asleep when I took this picture, though here eyes are closed.  It's pretty much hilarious watching her get horsey rides around the house. 

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