Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hear ye, hear ye...I shall now prophesy!

I have some super duper exciting news to share with everyone anyone (???) who reads this.  I personally play a very, very big role in the Bible.  As in, God foretold it.  I'm part of a prophesy from centuries past.  I'm pretty stoked.

Every once in a while (when I can't think of excuses to get out of the homework), I put on my pretend-you're-a-Baptist hat and join a couple of women pals at their church for a Wednesday morning Bible study.  It's kind of like a kid de-tox because one child is at pre-school and the other gets to enjoy the free childcare.  Both are happy and munching on some variation of child friendly snacks (e.g. crackers), and I get to sit and listen.  During most of my day, I'm the director of this cruise ship, so it's really pleasant to have someone else lead me.  It's a very welcoming environment, which is pretty great seeing as how a) I'm definitely not Baptist and b) I can surreptitiously cheat my way through knowing where the tinier, obscure-r books of the Bible are by sideways glancing at which way my fellow Bible study-ers are confidently flipping.  Hey, did you know that there are 9 books between the Psalms and Daniel?  I do (now).  I can't name them for you, nor do I feel the need to really try to memorize them (I kinda don't get that, so much...index anyone?), though at one point in the spring of my sophomore year in college, I could name all the books of the New Testament (when you have a professor who tells you to call him "Uncle Bob" and wears a Chinese gangster style dragon/fire shirt on the day that he lectures on Revelations, you give in and do what he assigns). 

So this particular Bible study is on the book of Daniel.  Two weeks in, we're only through chapter two, but there is some wicked cool stuff going on.  Thanks be to those who walk among us and take the time to sift through the laborious work of Bible historians and pedagogical experts and then share it with us mere mortals.  It's a blessing.  Turns out, Daniel is kind of like a mini Revelations (in my mind, at least), which includes P-R-O-P-H-E-C-Y.  And this is where I come in. 

Chapter 2 of Daniel includes an extended passage on Nebuchadnezzar's dream when he brought forth his astrologers, demanded that they first tell him what his dream was (a test, you see) and then interpret it.  They couldn't.  He had them killed.  Nice guy, no?  This was right around the time of the Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego debacle, and we all know the intent there, right?  Ultimately, Daniel stepped up to the plate, having already challenged the royal authority at least once before, and was all "Settle down, settle down big guy...I got this."  (He's no Richard Sherman, but Daniel also knew when he had 'dem skillz.)  So Daniel not only correctly described Nebby's dream, but he also interpreted it.  And you know's come true so far.  My chips are all in on this bet about what will happen next.  But Daniel isn't the only one all Prophesy! Prophesy! here.  Jeremiah also guest stars for a quick cameo.  It's a veritable trend.

Here's the deal.  I've been meaning to write a post for a couple of days anyways about my bi-zar-re dreams that I've been having every night of late.  (And they're not even pregnancy induced.  For the win!)  I've been thinking about what to write cause "Well, I've been having dreams lately.  And they're weird" just doesn't come across as all that interesting.  And I want to keep my one remaining reader coming back for more, you know?  Well, this morning around 10:53 a.m., it came to me.  These aren't just any old dreams; these are prophecies.

How else can you explain the random mishmash that is taking place while I'm in sleep mode?  Por ejemplo, I woke up a couple of days ago in the middle of being chased by a teen/early 20s blond woman dressed up in pioneer garb through a period reproduction home in a tourist-y spot after my daughter's pre-school teacher (also dressed as a pioneer woman) told me/us to go see what was in the other room.  There was also something about a field in that one.  Then, this morning, I was helping a friend jumpstart his car in "my" driveway (totally not my actual driveway) with "my" SUV (definitely not my sedan) and then my dad was there to help out even though he lives 2 hours away, and prior to the dead battery debacle, we were chatting about whatever while either cleaning out the dishwasher/putting dishes away/making tea/something kitchen-y (the memory is a bit hazy right there).  In hindsight, I realize that one can be all "Whoa..." and whatever, but it was uber-innocuous.  I assure you.  Those are merely 2 examples from the past 2 solid weeks of sta-rrrraaaaannnnnggggge dream shinnanigans happening pretty much every morning when I wake up.  

Unfortunately, I'm more like King Neb (sans the murdering vein) than Dan, however.  A Daniel, a Daniel, my kingdom for a Daniel.  (Name that reference and I'll send you some cookies for winning my self-imposed contest jackpot.)  My dreams may not have the full import that Nebuchadnezzar's did, but wouldn't it be cool if...???     


Sarah Claucherty said...

Isn't that reference from Shakespeare? Richard III perhaps?? I recognize it from a lit class I took last year I think.

Amy said...

Shakespeare, yes! Richard III, yes again!