Friday, May 9, 2014

Can I Get an Amen?!?

Yesterday, the words "Can I get an AMEN?!?" l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y ran through my head.  And then I wrote the cause of that moment down on a scrap piece of paper along with some other AMEN moments.  I thought that I'd share them here.  With you.  Happy weekend, all.

*Getting the urge to surprise your kids.  Knowing that you have a B1G1 coupon tucked away for a favorite ice cream joint.  Looking the flavor of the day up.  Finding out there is some sweet, sweet caramel turtle for the taking.  AMEN.
*Having all of the plants on sale when I go to restock my container gardening supply.  AMEN.
*A fully fenced in backyard.  A handful of outdoor toys stored in the shed.  A sandbox about five feet from the kitchen door.  And, two girls who are best buds.  AMEN.
*Track season winding down.  The boy will be home more than two nights a week, coming soon.  AMEN.
*Strawberries.  Raspberries.  Blackberries.  On sale.  AMEN.
*Season 7 of Psych on Netflix.  AMEN.
*Bon Apetit magazine.  Time to read it.  AMEN.
*Pulling about 70 lbs. of children in a wagon up hills on a walk.  In warm weather.  AMEN (to part of that). 

And which one of these caused my internal flipping for joy?  Well, here's a hint: I do appreciate having some time with no one repeatedly bumping me, hanging on me, or otherwise taking up my often non-existent space to do something as indulgent as cook dinner.  And I do listening to my girls play together.  And the fence...I really dig that, too.  Win-win-win.

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Crystal said...

Sounds like smiles all around. Yay!