Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's define "snacks," shall we?

Good grief, this parenting thing is hard.  Not only do you have provide everything for these little babes who can walk and talk (they even have to be chauffeured on a walk around the neighborhood?!?), but you have to watch what goes in their impressionable little minds. don't have to.  But we do.  And it takes a lot of work.

I bring before you today my petition to STOP FEEDING MY KIDS JUNK AND CALLING IT "SNACKS."  Oatmeal cream pies (gross junk) are not snacks.  Capri Suns (disturbingly colored junk) are not snacks.  Apples...are delicious.  Keep feeding my children those.  Furthermore, they like them a lot.  That's a win-win.

***For the record, we're not living in this "Do as I say and not as I do" kind of environment in this house.  If I'm eating junk, my kid gets to eat it, too.  If I'm not, they don't either.  It's a helpful policing kind of policy.***

My (processed) beef with this pseudo-snacking going on is that it's a constant feeling of "Well, okay...they can eat that one time.  It won't kill them."  But it seems like we use this justification multiples times a week

Trying to balance the bits of junk that infiltrate their sticky paws, I find myself rarely offering treats of any kind.  That just burns my cookies, so to speak.  We love treats!  We are BFFs with sugar!  We're not really that opposed to out kids eating "junk" sometimes.  But can't we all just agree to cut out the more problematic junk that is simply everywhere and has become so ubiquitous to acceptable for children? 

Like any good set of parents who believe they have to filter everything in their child's life until they're knocking on 30 (hyperbole, I assure you), we'd ever so much rather being the ones doling out the junk cause we have specially-approved-crunchy-granola-type junk that, shockingly, our kids like, too. 

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