Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anyone? Anyone?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: our youngest is content to tag along on pretty much any trip for any reason.  Even if it involves 3 hours in the car just to go pick apples in the cold rain.  Plainly, she's a breath of fresh air in my parenting life. 

In all honesty, my life has been somewhat reduced to a crushing sense of frustration upon driving down the interstate, returning home with a bushel of apples and a sleeping child, only to dwell on how I actually intended to get two bushels of apples because, obviously, one isn't enough.  Let me repeat that: one bushel of apples isn't enough.  One bushel of apples is a lot of apples, friends.  It would make the average person think "Whoa, there partner.  What are you possibly complaining about?  What are you ever going to do with an entire bushel of apples for four people?"  My children...they love their applesauce.  And, it's just about the easiest thing in the world to make so long as you have a) a knife, b) a pot, c) some sort of blending device, and d) about half an hour.  Well, now.  I have all of those.  Applesauce freezes so beautifully and provides such a lovely little nighttime snack for said daughters, who virtually never refuse it.  AND I ONLY GOT ONE BUSHEL.  Now do you see why this thought was looping through my head for at least 15 minutes? 

In actuality, this dilemma is anecdotal.  Despite my best intentions, I messed up.  Which translates to failing.  And when you're in a quiet car, just listening to the wipers, there's a certain tendency to repetition.  There's a rhythmic beat that loops and reduces the negative because a positive thought never concentrates in this same way. 

I've had a larger than normal spurt of socialization with family and friends this past week, which has called for the standard chit-chat about jobs, kids and what-are-you-up-to-in-your-life-now?  Like the isolated and rhythmic thoughts of from yesterday's drive, my answers are the same: repetitious and incomplete.  I could speak in complete answers, but small talk dictates incomplete answers.  Yes, it's a blessing to have a non-traditional work schedule (but...).  Yes, I enjoy teaching as an adjunct (but...).  Yes, it's nice to take care of the girls during the day (but...).  Isolation fuels polite conversation and forsakes meaningful connections.  It also brings about boredom, which is not (shockingly) solved by making friends with the pantry.

Typically, I try to go somewhere every day, seeking out some amount of personal interaction.  But today, I'm staying home.  There are apples that are begging to be reduced to sauce and a little bean who's enjoys herself wherever she is.  And if you read this far, would you answer one simple question?  What are you doing today?  Perhaps community is not a single entity but a diverse construct that is developed in a variety of ways.  I think it is, and I would like for you to be a part of it.  Who's up for some virtual small talk? 


Mariah said...

This morning i built a Lego tower with Older while Younger napped. Then we went to the library for his first no-parents story time and I chatted with a church friend about the difficulties of having 2+ kids. Both kids are napping now. Younger napped in his crib just long enough for me to wash pump parts and prepare bottles for work tomorrow, but now I'm holding him so he will keep napping. There's a huge load of fall clothes in the washing machine for the kids that I have no idea when I will have time to fold or put away. Looking to go to the park after nap time and hoping against hope that my husband will be home at a decent time tonight (unlike 10 PM) last night and that the baby won't wake me up ten million times tonight with this accursed four month sleep regression.

Crystal said...

Hi! So good to see you...funny bumping into you here...(commence small talk)...The weather today feels like a wonderful, crisp fall day, why didn't I call in sick and spend the day at home? I'm sitting right now with a very purr-y kitty in my lap. I just got home from a day of office work, where-in, I went to the home (one hour drive each way) of an uber cute 3 year old and gave her mom a very stern talking to about complying with all of my office's rules. It went well, but was pretty stressful to tell a mom that she's on her last leg of following the rules-and she better not screw this up (but tell her nicely and honestly).
I forgot to pack my lunch today, and when I was ready to leave the office to go to lunch I realized that my wallet was in my coat pocket, which I wore yesterday, but left at home on the hook today. Boo. So I borrowed a five from a co-worker and ate three tacos. Not delicious, but, what-ya gonna do?
Then I went to the office where I had agreed to meet a woman who wanted a 2:30 appointment. I saw her in person yesterday and she requested the meeting. But she didn't show up and didn't call to cancel.
Then I went to the home of a 7 year old boy I haven't met yet, and would really like to see at his home, but his caretaker forgot to tell me that he wouldn't be home today. Even though I made the appointment with her on the phone last week and she confirmed that, yes, he is definitely always home at 4:30 on a Tuesday. But not today, I guess.
I'm waiting for J to get home so that we can go to an appointment tonight with our wedding photographer. (It takes 15 min to get there and the appointment starts in 19 minutes.) It's the first time to meet her tonight and I'm kinda excited, but also a little nervous.
That's a window into my day. Thanks for asking! :)