Sunday, July 19, 2015

Here's to friends

A year ago, we had four weddings on our radar, and yesterday, we joined in the festivities for the last newlywed shindig.  I love me some weddings.  I love the anticipation, the ceremony, and the almost instantaneous release of tension once the official proclamation is made.  It's pretty amazing how a bunch of a couple of hundred people can all go from hushed reverence and tears to let's boogie all night long. 

For someone who unashamedly skipped her ten-year high school reunion, yesterday felt like just that with a great night of reminiscing and laughs with the hometown crew.  My buddy and prom date from Senior year married an absolute sweetheart, and you could hear the excitement in his voice when the pastor asked "Will you promise...?" and he responded "I will!" loud and clear.  Those are good times to witness.  Who wouldn't want to be part of witnessing those promises made and received?  I DO. 

The wedding was a solid length, not too short, not too long.  The storms more or less stayed away while people were trying to move in and out of buildings.  We were just a wild and crazy couple on the lam since the girls were staying with my parents.  And, my high school BF showed up, which was absolutely great.  We have quite the different life trajectories, which we both knew would happen after graduating, so getting some time to catch up is always great.

And catch up we did.  The reception was held at a banquet facility that is actually divided into two rooms: the eating space and the go-nuts-air-guitar space.  For as standard or traditional as many if not most weddings are, receptions are often a mixed bag with all sorts of creative options available anymore.  The boy and I dug the divided aspect of the hall last night.  How great it was to be a part of the reception but still be able to hold a conversation without also trying to pseudo-dance or yell at each other over thumping music.  So, my little posse took advantage of that.

We laughed hilariously, talked about any number of topics, and compared locker mates from 15 years ago (which, by the way, I pretty much hands down won that contest) for five solid hours.  We figuratively opened the place and then shut 'er down.

We also performed exactly no air guitar, danced not at all, and only got caught up in Journey one time 'cause there's nothing like yelling out some "Faithfully" in the dregs of the night.

(I actually didn't belt it out here since I was sober.  But then again, a pregnant lady was getting down with her angsty self during that song, and we can only hope that she was sober as well.)

All in all, good friends are great to have in your life, whether a lot or even less and less.  You can never have too many of them or too much time with them.

So cheers to the newlyweds.  You're a fabulous couple, and we all wish you many, many years of good times together.

And here's to friends.  Thanks for the laughs.


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