Sunday, November 15, 2015

Talking dollars, the American kind

Someday, we'll look back at this and laugh.  Someday...

No, we won't.

This kinda bites in the "Honey, I got in a fender bender and the other person doesn't have insurance" sort of way.

Fifteen pounds of rice and 48 hours later, the computer is D-E-A-D.  My paid-for-with-grant-money, 1 terabyte of memory, touch screen, 17-inch, 1-year old, doodled-on-with-a-marker laptop is no longer with us.  I'll let you all know about the specifics of the memorial service soon.  (Or not.)

Actually, I don't think that it would want me to attend, since I was the one who committed computeracide and all.  But don't worry.  "Dell's" mom wrote an emotional letter and tearfully read it to me in open court, forgiving me of my wrongdoings and negligence.  It chokes me up just thinking about it.

(This is taking me a long to type 'cause the boy is yapping at me about a groupon deal for a hotel and dining credits for $79/night at Niagara, Ontario.  But the dining credits are in Canadian dollas.  So we have to factor in that exchange rate.)

Well, the month that will not end continues to become uglier.  I added a couple of doctor's appointments and a swing-by trip to the mechanic for a "quick" oil change during my few unimpeded grading hours.  Which means that I plan out my grading times by the minute.  Which means that I can't afford to give up any more time.  Which means that I can't go freaking spilling my beautiful cup of my favorite coffee ON MY COMPUTER.

There's annoyances, and then there's don't-mind-me-I'm-just-going-to-go-binge-eat annoyances.  This was the latter.

And as I've been working through the YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME moments, I keep thinking off all of those real dollars (American, not Canadian ones) that I'm taking out of our real checking account that is actually dependent on those real dollars (also American, not Canadian) being there in order to be real-ly not overdrawn.

1.  I may have gotten a ticket for passing another car within 100 feet of an intersection around 9:30 on a weeknight after working all day and attending class that night because I just wanted to be home and not behind this inane driver and we were out in the middle of no-man's-Midwesternville and who knew that was a law?  I didn't.
2.  I also didn't know that I could defer that for a lesser fee.
3.  That might all have been hypothetical if you're reading this, Mom.
4.  I may have hit some black ice and driven through a fence also in the middle of no-man's-Midwesternville and "totaled" our car.
5.  I summarily drove the "totaled" car to my friend's house, stayed there for a few hours, and then drove it 2 hours home.  Insurance has a different understanding of "totaled" than I do.
6.  That wasn't hypothetical.  Mom already knows about it.
7.  And now I chucked a perfectly good computer figuratively out the window as if dollars don't matter.

Well, they do, my friends.  They do.

And they also matter when you've recently replaced a faucet (again) and a garbage disposal (again) and want to replace flooring (not again) and want to pony up for someone else to do it this time cause your marriage may need counseling if you do it on your own (again).

There's only so many dollars to throw around willy-nilly on gee-gaws.  And tomorrow or maybe the next day, I'll find a fresh pair of big-girl-pants and put 'em on.  Until then, I need to get off the boy's work computer so that he can whip out ye-olde-credit card and purchase one of them there computer thingies.  But, they're priced in American dollars.  So that's a plus.

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