Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chicken Little

One day, an acorn fell on Chicken Little.  Not able to see behind her, Chicken Little began frantically running around.  "The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!"

I feel the sky falling today.  I cried in the shower.  I cried in the car on the way to pick up my child.  I feel completely and utterly frustrated by the local, state and national level.  All three.  (Plus, the Cubs won, and that hurt an extraordinary amount...ridiculously, I admit.) 

I want to curl up inside and avoid people.  I want to keep my children with me always and never take them anywhere.  I want to join in the masses that together overloaded Canada's immigration website. 

Shocked as I was by this visceral reaction, I also realized "Yes, this must be why Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Stein defected during the war."  I thought "Maybe this is what others feel when they don't feel able of speaking their mind fully and openly, when they don't have support, when they don't feel accepted."  I had the sentiment "I'm done with this state" looping through my mind all day.

There have been times when I'm absolutely turned to the boy and said "That's it.  I'm 100% done with this."  But it does always turn out to be just an acorn stuck in my tail feathers.  So, I get it out and continue on.  I try not to drag Henny Penny and Lucky Ducky into my hysteria. 

But the acorns, they keep on a'fallin'.  And it seems that no more do we recognize one for being what it is, then another one comes.  I feel the despair, the fear and the shock.  I think that there's another acorn lodged in my feathers right now; I hope that it is.  I need the sky to stay where it should be because I have kids who are asking questions, who notice things, too.  They can choose what they want, but this is and will always be my prayer for them: Please, Lord, guide them to choose humanity.

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Crystal said...

No doubt. Our second wedding anniversary happened to fall on election day this year. That was a super downer. I think, "I feel the despair, the fear and the shock" sums it up perfectly. Also, the loop running through my head all that day was, 'what do I tell my daughter?'.