Friday, October 14, 2016

Cache-ing in

We just finished up week 8, otherwise known as the half-way point and generally speaking FALL BREAK, though that means that I get 1 afternoon off next week.  When you teach at 3 different places, you are dependent on competing breaks, but tra la la because right now, I feel like spinning in circles in a field of sunflowers on a bright, late summer afternoon with arms outstretched singing "I'm DOOOOIIIINNNNG it - really doing ITTTTTTT!!!!" for all the world to hear.  The beginning of this semester had me scardier than I've ever been while juggling both primary care giving duties as well as a 1 1/2 full-time teaching load.  Good friends of the internets, I'm raising my mug of coffee to me this morning and heaving a lusty sigh.  Thanks be to sunshine, snacks and some good episodes of some favorite podcasts to power me through.  It takes a village to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Oh, and I came across this article this morning.  When we keep our noses to the grindstone, good things happen.  Change happens.  May it keep on a'keepin' on.

I was really getting on here to not only procrastinate on attending to some rough drafts (there's sunshine, and it's lovely to just sit here for a few moments) but also to talk about a new family activity that the boy and our girls in particular have gotten caught up in.  They spend a lot of time together without me on weeknights, and it turns out that when the weather is decent, it's the perfect time to do a wee bit o' geocaching.

Good people, I know that this isn't a new trend, but it's not like we're ever the trend setters here.  And it's still going on.  So bring on the GPS because my girls think this is fan-tiddly-astic.  I dig the widespread availability of it and how we can do this wherever we travel.  Day trips.  Vacations.  Visiting family.

This fam has only just stumbled into this, but it's going to be a keeper around her.  Unfortunately, there's only so many geocaching days ahead of us before the doom and gloom of winter descends (I've tried to think of it as the hearty people of the Denmark-Norway-Sweden people do as an optimistic opportunity to take part in delightful winter activites, but there are no delightful winter activities that I particularly enjoy...not-a-one.)  This next week looks ripe for some adventure and outside-ness.

It's going to be a jammy-packed week of new furnace/AC installation (OY VEY), car bumper fixation (OY VEY), living room paint-ation (OY VEY), and Children's Museum Haunted House scare-ation (OH YAY).  But I get an afternoon off, so cheers to that.

Let's ditch being adults and just go tromping through the woods, GPS style.  That sounds much funner.      

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