Tuesday, December 20, 2016

10 bits of not much

Welp, folks, it's that biennial time of the year when I've posted grades and now can't focus on anything.  Like the veritable chicken, I feel a good bit discombobulated.  With that in mind, here's some thoughts that will explain what I mean.

1.  My old iPad, which we technically didn't purchase and is somewhere around 6 or 7 years old, is acting downright twerpish.  So, we've full-on upgraded (paid for it this time) and bought a new one.  It's one of those where we weighed the decision for about 3 months 'cause on the one hand, I use it all day long for emails and such, but on the other hand, it's still a splurge.  Kudos to you, Apple, for making all of your products seemingly necessities when they're not. Because of this new purchase, I don't have a case for it.  So to the rescue (cue the trumpets) comes my Sur La Table holiday catalog.  I have been using this as my travel case for one month now as a means of offering at least some protection from stuff.  It works well enough and I get to continue thinking about Le Creuset dutch ovens and Japanese-crafted knives. 
2.  I have a firm and fast rule in my house that we change out of pajamas every day in this house, even if we're not going anywhere because once you give an inch to my daughter(s), you're not wearing jeans ever again.  Yesterday, the girls stayed in PJs all day long (Polar Express day), only changing from the day-old pair to a fresh set at night because I draw the invisible line there.  There were some delightful moments embedded in the day.
3.  My daughters have been carefully tending their Christmas lists for about 3 months now (though I haven't seen an updated draft for a few weeks now...perhaps they've settled on a final copy?).  I'm OK with this, actually.  The whole thing stemmed from a conversation that included some variation of "I want to go to Chuck-E-Cheese!" and some answer sounding like "Put it on your Christmas list."  That idea was immediately embraced, and the lists began.  So we're learning that it's OK to plan ahead for things that we want but don't really need right now.  And I appreciate having a $20 idea in mind for when someone texts me with the whole "What do the girls want...?" question.  The lists expanded, of course, but bless their foodie hearts, the majority of the lists include such items as "bottle of honey" and "blueberry jam."  That is my idea of the perfect Christmas list.
4.  The boy showed me a site posting global teaching jobs last night with the words "I'll follow you..." hanging in the balance. 
5.  A set of foster parents that I've been working with gave me a bracelet with the message "Create a ripple" on it.  I love it.  So much.
6.  I'm a BIG advocate of taking the time to remember any teachers associated with your children at the end of each semester, especially as they progress through school.  Remember the high school biology teacher even though your kid struggled in her class.  Remember the choir director that forced your kid to come in after school three times a week to practice for the Christmas program.  Remember the gym teacher that made your kid run laps because he wouldn't stop talking.  A simple note or (better yet) a few cookies is all that it takes and really does make an impression on that teacher, who is, coincidentally, a person giving your child time and attention throughout the day.  AND, I also firmly believe that the note needs to come from your kid.  Those are the best
7.  I have pulled out the flannel sheets and am relishing the ability to get into bed without writhing in agony of cold-sheet-syndrome. 
8.  I cannot keep my hands from drying out and cracking this winter.  HELP.
9.  We have made 4 batches of Christmas cookies so far and for no particular reason.  They taste extra delightful.  I can also still (somehow) fit in my clothes.  Win-win.
10.  All I want for Christmas is a pedicure.  In fact, I don't really want anything for Christmas.  And I'm going to get a pedicure soon anyway (desperately needed), so let's A + B to = Christmas. 


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