Friday, December 2, 2016

I must tell you...

I must tell you that my $10 space heater that I bought in July is now delightfully serving its purpose.  It was indeed slightly embarrassing to march up to the cash register with a space heater in JULY, but color me polka dotted.  I'm pleased as punch right about now.

So I've been dealing with some happy-sappy technology stuff right now.  And I must tell you.  I had a delightfully, deliciously, enticingly, entoxicatingly smudge-free screen for approximately 28 hours.  And then I dropped a half-eaten banana slathered with peanut butter upside down on it.  After the "AHHHH!!!!" feeling quickly came the "Well, at least my screen is really clean, so this should be good to eat still" thought.  It's good to have a clean screen.  It's also delightful to have finger print identification and a Suri at my disposal and a device that doesn't put me in a frustrated frenzy. 

On this device, I must tell you that I've sidled onto the Gilmore Girls fan bus.  I'm full-blown GAAAHHH mode.  But, it does have the double advantage of new story lines and fast-talking characters.  And now, I must ask (because I'm not all that concerned about spoilers), does Dean ever go away?  I don't like him all that much.  Rory can do better.  Rory must do better.  Luke, however, he can stay. (and that's saying something since he speaks my literature-lovin'-language).  I'm still in season 1, so surely Dean is on the way out.  Probably not.  I'm not so lucky.

It turns out, it's hard to focus much on grading when characters working through new story lines are talking fast.  I'm taking a break now, o-b-v-i-o-u-s-l-y, because life is so dang hard.  And by that I mean that my name is in ye olde jury pool.  And I've now been summoned TWO times in less than a month.  I must tell you...this just stinks. 
And finally, that brings us to the most untechnologically technical piece of news that I have.  I must tell you that we successfully transported one recycle robot to school this very morning.  It was a 2nd effort and a better one at that as this time Oink-bot did not end up in 3 pieces at the end of the journey.  No fool that I am, we also came prepared with a roll of packing tape and scissors, both of which were unnecessary.  Learning from past mistakes, I also held this 2 1/2 foot tall robot off to the side with one hand while driving in order to absorb the natural bumps and jostles of the car.  One crampy-tired forearm later, Oink-bot made it into school and (the angels rejoiced).

I must tell's been quite the week.

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