Sunday, February 3, 2008

Crocs & Football

Crocs. The funny, spongy, goofy-looking plastic shoes. They look like they'd last for a few days before falling apart (or disintigrating in water). They come in clownish colors. They have holes in them. How can these possibly be good shoes.

Yet, I love my Crocs. (Mine are red.)

I'm not normally into rushing out and buying the latest fad. But after awhile, I give in. It only took me approximately 4 years to purchase my first pair of capris. I remember laughing at them and thinking how ridiculous they looked the first time I saw them. I love my capris. They are, literally, just about the perfect pair of pants. Flattering to most. Not too hot. Not too cold (usually). And, they match most shoes that I own.

I am still surprised that I even tried on any Crocs let alone buy any. But I love them (even more than my capris). In fact, I really think that these might be the best investment of shoes that I have ever made.

So I think that Ben should try whatever I'm all about because obviously if I love my Crocs then Ben would love Crocs too. Croc insanity hath spread in this house. Ben not only found his own cute little pieces of hole-y plastic, but he found cute little Colts pieces of hole-y plastic. And the best part is...side by side, Croc by Croc, they actually make my feet look small. Crocs are truly the miracle shoe.


Football. Before I met Ben, I kind of knew the idea of football, but only because I had to go to every home football game in high school and eventually someone explained the basics to me. Before I met Ben, I don't think that I ever watched a single Colts game. But now, ha, I can (kind of) talk football smack with the best of them...just don't ask me what the difference between a shotgun formation and a slant. In actuality I am pretty good about regurgitating whatever I read in the newspaper and hear other people say about it. But I'm enjoying it. It's really quite a fun game. I've watched more of the post season this year than Ben has...nearly every playoff game. But this is all fair because...

Ben now likes the Braves. Before I met Ben, he thought that the Braves were evil (seeing how he was a lukewarm Reds fan and we all know how fans of teams who never win get jealous of fans of teams who are actually good, whether that good team wins or not...this complex gets much much worse with Cubs fans, unfortunately). Actually, Ben just never watched the Braves and simply had a jaded opinion of the boys in Hot 'Lanta. Now, Ben knows the Braves; he knows the stats, he knows the past players, he knows the good & bad trades, he knows the personal stats of my team. All considering, if Ben's really close second favorite team in baseball is now the Braves, it seems like a small price to pay to learn more about the Colts.

"Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius. A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein."
Joe Theismann

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sarahesperanza said...

I walked by a crocs store this weekend. Tried to get my father to buy some (after all, they were originally made for doctors, right?) he looked at them and said, "I don't think that is something that I will be doing." Ah well....

(I want some green ones....)