Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wierd cat tricks

So I'm sitting here, typing away, watching Toby sit on Ben's head. I have to capture this moment. Toby has learned a new trick! Yay! As if eating toilet paper & carpet isn't enough. I'm a little surprised that she took so long to learn this particular trick since we hold her all of the time and she has such a penchant for climbing. She's practically made of velcro the way she sticks to us to much when we're in the house. I think that these particular cats are a bit puppy as well what with the way that they walk around the house, holding their toys in their mouths, crying for attention. And, they generally follow us from room to room, especially at tnight.

So Toby has learned a new trick. She has learned how to not only climb onto our shoulders while we are holding her (and frankly, she's really pretty slippery at times), but she has also learned how to jump onto our backs/shoulders while we are standing. She's even pretty good at jumping & balancing on the backs (not really all that thick) of our dining room chairs. She's quite the talented one, I assure you. This is mostly funny because it happens to Ben a whole lot more than it happens to me. But now that Ben has taught her how to do it (and yes, she was encouraged by him, not me), she does it ALL of the time. It can be quite unnerving when you're cooking and all of a sudden Toby is balancing on your shoulders.

She's moved beyond just balancing, however. Now, she settles in and basically camps out on your shoulders/back. Hence why she is sitting on Ben's head. She's laying parallel to Ben so that her head is betwee his shoulder blades and her bum is squarely situated on his head. Laying down. Quite happy. Probably purring (she purrs a lot). If I knew how to put a picture on here, I would. This moment should be enjoyed by more than just myself.

"Cats regard people as warm blooded furniture."
Jacquelyn Mitchard

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sarahesperanza said...

yeah, well, my bunny flops over on her side occasionally and twitches her nose. so there.