Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another survey

This one goes out to you all...a survey of intellectual yet mostly un-literary people. This question came up in my class last night. If you have any thoughts, I definitely want to read them!

Question: I'm taking an Ethnic American Lit. class this semester. What do you think that we're reading and studying in this course?

Mind you, this is an honest question. It may sound simplistic, but we found out that not everyone thinks of Ethnic American lit. in the same way. Ideas?

"When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth."
George Bernard Shaw

(It's not necessarily a quote that goes with the topic, but seriously...find a quote for me that goes along with Ethnic American lit.! And, it is by Shaw; he's literary! Not ethnic, but literary!)


Megan said...

ooo I am so curious. I am guessing something anglo/european

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

Yeah, no one seems to know what Ethnic American lit. is. It should probably be labeled something like Native American lit., cause that's what it is. And there's a difference between Native American and American Indian. Who knew.

sarahesperanza said...

huh. I thought about native/american indian, but then thought that maybe it encompasses all ethnic writing from different group that make up america- like "House on Mango Street" and "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" and "Angela's Ashes" and "Native Son" and "Julie of the Wolves" and such...

what is the difference between the terms native american and american indian? (this is something I really should know-- as I work in american indian (native american?) circles a lot out here-- but I don't)

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

Is Robert Wright really American? I didn't have that class where they read "Native Son," and from what I hear...

American Indian--an indiginous person from the U.S.

Native American--can cover any indiginous person from the tip of South America to the frozen tundra plains of Canada