Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in a habit I guess

I find that the only time I have to go grocery shopping during the school year is around 6:30/7:00 on Sunday morning. I don't have to mess with other people, the shelves are stocked and there's no other time during the week that I can go and not give up a significant amount of time doing something that is more important. I often get out of bed and throw on whatever clothes and sometimes my Braves hat if my hair is particularly bad, which would be most mornings.

I guess this morning was a good-Sunday-morning-grocery-shopping hair day. Therefore I wasn't wearing my hat. Apparantly, this is noticeable to the guy stocking the bread shelf...a bit wierd, a bit funny. Ben and I were leaving the produce and walking toward the regular aisles and Mr. Stocking-the-break-shelves-Man said, "Hey! You're not wearing your Braves hat today!" Am I this predictable that the Meijer employees know my shopping habits? Us Braves fans stick together wherever we can find each other up here in the cold North. :-)

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