Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween party and the search for a knife

My fuzzy, creamsicle cat, Leo, is sitting with me in the Saturday morning sunshine to write this, and it shall have to be quick like so that we can go shopping for 50% off Halloween candy (and other things, but really, it should be obvious where my priorities lay). I love Saturday mornings, especially when they're sunshine-y. It makes me feel like writing in my blog. So if it's not a sunshine-y wherever you are right now, and if it's not a Saturday morning, I'm sending warm fuzzies your way that are loaded with all good Saturday-morning-and-sunshine feelings.

Here's a big reason that teaching can be fun and dare I say rewarding. Unfortunately, I can't really claim benefit in this one, but I'm definitely enjoying the fruits of someone else's labor. There's a junior at my school who for the past two years has been notorious for his ambivalent, insubordinate, unpleasant attitude toward everyone and life in general. Summer break must have been good for him because he came back not an angel, but enjoyable, hardworking, polite and a lot of fun for everyone (students and teachers) to be around. I got roped into being involved in sponsoring the junior class again (yet so much better this time around considering the change in leadership). This particular student has been invaluable so far in the fundraising and meetings for the junior class. The junior class president, not so much of a help, unfortunately. But this kid, fantastic. We worked together this week to hold a bake sale at a junior class dance and I could barely keep up with him. Wednesday, we were getting the brownies, cookies and such ready to go when I realized that a plastic knife wasn't really cutting it (ba dum ching! boo...bad pun) with the delish chocolate chip cookie bars (you know if it's from the Dishons that it's awe-some). So Dominique went to borrow a sharper utensil from the home-ec teacher. His mistake when he interrupted her lunch break saying, "I need a knife." Oops. Yet funny. (tall black kid; known for his lack of discipline; older brother obnoxious; sure--just hand over a knife!) At least he smiled and corrected his mistake.

I never (oh not even once) went to anything that I or anyone else classified as a party during high school. My friends and I just didn't have parties. We hung out all the time, but Ben and his friends did have parties. In fact, the first party that I ever went to was with him and his high school friends. Parties intimidate me, actually...awkward!! But, we went to a party last night. The worst part is that I have two choices: follow Ben like a puppy all night or stand by myself like the uncoordinated kid who gets picked last for kickball. Overall, it wasn't bad, thankfully. And at least there were a couple of people our age who I kind of know with whom I could laugh when Ben brought me a hot dog on a hamburger bun.

"Man is the artificer of his own happiness." Henry David Thoreau
Yet I suspect that sun is a bit of an artificer of my happiness as well.

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