Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yes, you can lick it

Black Friday:

4:32 a.m...I begin kicking Ben to wake up.
5:05 a.m...Ben gets dropped off at the door to Best Buy armed with a sales ad and his cell phone so that we can communicate as I go to park the car and fight my way into the craziness that is an electronics store on the day after Thanksgiving.
5:15 a.m....Ben figures out that we can pay for our purchase at the back of the store where the display is rather than having to wait in the loooong line where the Best Buy employee holding the Santa balloon signifies the end is.
5:16 a.m....I figure out that I can assault (figuratively) Best Buy employees to figure out how to have them unlock the case that holds our cherished prize without having to ask the person running the cash register for it.
5:17-5:24 a.m....Silly lady and her silly daughter waste my time and the Best Buy employee's time as they forgot to look at or bring the ad and aren't even sure what cameras are on sale but surely the employee could give them a complete run down of all of the benefits of each camera that is on sale. There are many cameras on sale. Oh, and they want to know about memory cards, too. Silly ladies. The daughter used to be Ben's student. What does that tell us about the quality of his clientele?
5:26 a.m...The lady in the ugly Betty Boop leather jacket elbows her way in front of me as I'm basically staring at my desired purchase so that I know no one unwittingly takes it from me (alas, it's on hold for me at the register rather than in my hands...I don't trust my good fortune yet). Ben must go search out a memory card while we're waiting. It's not like I know the difference between them. Yes, this is definitely Ben's job while I hold our place in line.
5:27 a.m...Ben beeps on his way out of Best Buy. I have the receipt in my purse and all confusion is made right. I'm relieved that we're not thieving on this Black Friday morning. I'm looking forward to a special trip to IHOP (mmm...the french toast is calling). I can't believe that we just dropped over $600 (stupid sales tax) and we're both thrilled about it.

If I can ever figure out how to do it, I can post pictures from our kickin' new camera that has no delay and can take 2.5 pictures per second and will be, overall, better for trying to capture those special little moments with a baby bopper toddling around the place.

Make sure that you trim your nose hairs. You never know when we'll be using the extra special zoom lens that a friend (who will be allowed to lick the new camera but also needs to realize that yes, it has germs on it you supposed medically learned person you) convinced us that we desperately needed as well. Ah well. 'Twas only an extra $50 more or less for the ability to find out who truly grooms their nasal cavities. And I guess that we'll be able to get better pictures of little Omar with it, too. That's the goal at least. Ben's only half-way through the novel that is the owner's manual currently.


sarahesperanza said...

!!!!!! yay!!!!! I will e-mail you picture posting instructions post haste!!!

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

good! i have a picture to post to prove my point!