Friday, November 14, 2008

Jury Duty Day

For once I had some luck. I still had to go in this morning (oh yay...$15 compensation!) amidst cold, drippy, misty raininess. BUT,

***I got to park at a metered space without paying a meter!

***the entire jury was released about 10 minutes after we were to report because the substance abuser pleaded guilty

***I didn't have to go to school

***I had time to buy my first Christmas present for 2008

***J.C. Penny does not carry any maternity clothes in Kokomo

***I actually popped in to say hi to the father-in-law or a few minutes after the jury was released (his office is right across the street from the courthouse, so it just seemed to be a nice little surprise)

***yummy leftovers and Pepsi (mmm) for lunch)

***a pair or sleeping rather than pesky felines

***finally (excited amidst all of the dread) starting the background research on the intimidating 25-page paper

***new James Bond movie and free dinner out tonight!

***if I get lucky...there might be some ice cream in my future, too! (culver's flavor-o-the-day: butter pecan, yummy)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oh I do miss culver's.

You are getting into maternity clothes stage? Oh fun! Any preggie pops yet?

Ad since when is being a drug abuser a convictable crime? I didn't realize that we have laws against addiction....

p.s. I just got back from 3am baby being born...
I love you!!!