Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe, I am not (thankfully so...I'm not sure how well I'd fare as an African man), but things do still fall apart in Kokomo, especially if you live at my house and happen to be me.

Problem #1: Ben is stupendously, frustratingly busy right now. We're in the middle of the track season, which means about 6-8 weeks of pure insanity at the worst times and semi-pure rushing at all times. It also means that the dishes haven't been washed for 3 days, that the yard has not been mowed yet (I'm sure that all of the neighbors who shell out the clams for their nifty yard service to come and take the dandelions out of their yard and silently cursing us; we are the reason on this street, really the only reaon [are we truly the only ones on the court who do not use a lawn service?!?], why dandelions keep popping up in their yards since we have such a deliciously yellow crop of them!), and there is still half of a cradle and box of toys in the new family car. Chemicals have not been spread where they should be spread in the yard & accompanying area. Clothes remain piled on the floor in the living room (drat...1/2 of those are mine). And, paperwork is definitely piling up on the desk. I totally support Ben coaching track and love that he's all happy by it...but I really kinda hate it. Oh, I kinda hate cross country, too. Not only does it permeate my daily order (yeah, I know...I can totally do some of this stuff that I'm kinda complaining about), but it's always permeating my daily conversations now, too. It's not that interesting for those of us who think that it's not that exciting. But I think I listen okay? I hope I do. I try. I fail.

To be kinda fair, it's not exactly all brownies and cushions for me right now either. Which is really where this post came from. It's now the last 2 weeks of the semester (@ BSU), and that means that I've been fairly innundated, rushed, crying, and gnashing my teeth (it may get to the point where rending of clothing starts today) for the past couple of weeks. It doesn't help that weekends in April/May always seem to be slammed with things to do and reasons why we're not home. It also also doesn't help that I'm now losing, more or less, one night a week with baby classes. That one wasn't my choice, but ah well. It also also also doesn't help that I'm at the doctor alllll of the time now; we're just at the point in about 3 things that are all happening concurrently. Seriously, once June hits, life will seem like cake. Nothing to do except take care of little bean, and there's a husband with no responsibilities who will also be around and excited to help. Cake!!

So my car still hasn't been touched for almost a week now since the last time I tried to start it when I found out that it was being grumpy. We've had a tax refund check sitting on our table for at least a month now. We owe insurance information to our financial rep for about 3 weeks now also. But...our bills are still being paid (thanks to my affinity or writing checks). No foreclosure or loss of electricity. We may be busy, but there will be light to be busy by.

AND, my laptop punked out last night. I'm fairly frustratedly pseudo-furiously frankly feeling frumpy about that issue. It's the last 2 weeks of the semester for pity's sake!! The car thing was kind of ironically funny with the timing. The laptop thing, not at all. Thankfully, Ben still has his PC. It's okay, but I'm totally a laptop person now, and I also just revel in the luxury of not having to share something like this, especially when I need it for hours at a time right now and Ben still needs it too. One kid may be all cause it means less sharing for me. I'm not a sharer. The luxury of each having his/her own is the biggest pleasure that I derive from my daily life. It's also why our next house will have TWO sinks in my bathroom. This is a deal breaker for whoever we buy the next house from--only one sink, no deal.

I take that a smidge back...I'm all about the sharing of money. I'm not completely sure I get why married couples would each keep their own financial accounts and share costs. Maybe if one or the other had serious financial issues and the other didn't want to jeapordize their good credit? I don't know. Another teacher theorizes that females are the money keepers in married relationships. I just like writing checks, so I generally don't mind paying bills (except for the whole money flying out faster than it sometimes comes in, thing...). But we definitely keep the checkbook accessible to both persons. I find it most humorous that he has to ask his super sweet wife for a check whenever he needs one even though he's on the account, too. Giggle.

I digress. But I'm still steamed like broccoli but not yet fork tender about what I just plunked down to fix my laptop woes. It's going to be cheaper to just replace the thing next time instead of buying new adaptors and batteries every few months!! Do MACs last longer than Dells?? I'm starting to ponder switching...which is basically blasphemy in this family.

No quote today; my credit card ego is bruised and I'm not feeling it.

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