Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is why I don't charge for haircuts

Author's note before I begin: this really corresponds with my grumpy musing from the last post. I have a biggish presentation tomorrow that I have yet to begin working on; sounds like a good time to write a new post!

Someone whom we all know and love refuses to have anyone cut his hair but me, not because I'm exceptional (or even good for that matter), but because I'm free. Therefore, if something untoward happens oh every once in a while, then can this lovely person really get mad at me? I'm cheap! And, said person has always gotten along well with my dad, who at times epitomizes the miser mentality.

When handsome lad who is receiving the haircut is always the one who puts the correct attachments on the clippers, is it any wonder that the ravishing lass who cuts the hair doesn't pay attention to them a whole lot before she begins? Not at all! It really isn't the lass's problem to worry about, methinks. Why was this time any different, especially when this particular miscue has already happened once before, to a lesser degree of severity, for roughly the same reason!?! So young lad and lass were laughing about something when lass starts the fateful haircut. Young lad jerks away; young lass gasps. Oh this is a problem--a three inch stripe of completely shaven head in the middle of lush, brown hair. Young lass wants to laugh amidst her shock. Young lad was not so pleased. Young lass exclaims that she still has to be associated with young lad, so obviously she didn't do it on purpose! Young 8th grade track runner asks Coach the next day, "Okay, just tell us what happened to your head" at the beginning of practice. This picture doesn't exactly display the horror, the horror (I've probably done this before...but name that Modernist reference), but young lad's hairline is up around the top of his ears. It usually resides much much lower.

It's definitely still noticable, but not nearly as bad as it was. I still giggle when I see it. Since young lad generally doesn't read this, I feel as if I can fairly secretively make such a confession.

Returning to that which I've gotten away from lately, a quote:

"Humor is also a way of saying something serious." T. S. Eliot

As I really do have other, more important things to do, my post on baby classes will come later. Maybe tonight if all goes well!


sarahesperanza said...

that's so heart of darkness. and i think ben's new cut is *hawt*

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

who said that it was Ben's mis-shaven head?!?!