Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crocs (again) and baby needs

I got new Crocs! I love them. I adore them. I rave about them. I think that everyone should own at least 3 pairs...though I now own 2. It might take me another 2 years to get another pair. They're not exactly a necessity. But then again, I manage to have no qualms about buying a more-than-enough supply of good, crunchy, dark chocolate. I love that too...but that, perhaps, is another blog.

My new pair is pink, and since my little bean has already has a pair of dark pink pseudo-crocs, we can start dressing alike! They're not exactly the same shade, but who's going to quibble? Cotton candy vs. bubble gum.

We're also at the point in the gestational period where we really just have to go out and buy a few essentials for the beginning of this production. Alas, no car seat and/or base at my Target. I told my mom, and she, genius that she is, said..."Can't you buy car seats somewhere other than Target?" Oh, right. Duh. Genius that I am. But, we now have hangers for clothes, waterproof pads for mattresses, sheets, and a diaper bucket/pail. All we need is a nightlight and a lamp and we're a-okay on our way.

I feel precocious. Anyone want to play guess-what-we're-naming-little-bean? The first letter is in the first half of the alphabet. And, bonus points, if you come up with a rockin' idea for a name and it has a good story/meaning behind it, you might win the jackpot and have it become the middle name. The selection has yet to be made for that one. Methinks we should soon. Currently, the biggest debate is where to keep the diapers. We can't keep them on the shelf under the changing table because Leo is such a little goober and likes to lick plastic. Wierd and eww.

I suddenly realized last weekend, and seriously, this was just a true lightbulb moment, that we don't have to have everything needed for the first year of little bean's life. Really. I will be able to leave the house at some point and go get some bigger onesies. Ben does know how to operate a credit card should we run out of baby shampoo. I guess I'm just a stockpiler. And a worrier. I like to worry about everything that isn't ready...aaahh. That was said in a mock tone of utter weepiness. Maybe it doesn't help that I'm getting asked a lot now, "Do you have the nursery all ready??" But then again, I have no artistic talents. I'm too cheap, especially right now when faced with no paycheck coming shortly, to go all lavish. Our time has been at a serious minimum, especially for the last month. And, is she really going to care? No. I really wish that I do have some all cute little nursery, but priorities. I'm okay with it. We'll make up for it, maybe, when she's a little older.

Let it be known...I'm so grateful that I'm having a girl for many reasons. One of which is that I have some good contacts who have little girls themselves who are no longer little and who are no longer in the baby business and so no longer have need of little girl clothes. We have tons! And they're waaay cute. Cuter than boy's clothes, I think. I even had a former student who has a little one-year old bring me two huge diaper boxes full of clothes. When your clothing is so tiny, it's easy to fit a lot in a diaper box! I expected to get some hand-me-downs, but the generosity and graciousness of everyone has been outstanding, so appreciated!, and generally gives me warm and fuzzy giggles in my belly. This is why I shouldn't worry.

I'm still trying to figure out how to convince the hospital to subscribe to the MLB extra innings tv programming so that I can watch my Braves while who-he-who-he-who-he-who-he-whooooo breathing.


Sarah said...

Hmmm... did I tell you that I already named your kid for you? But my name for her starts with a letter in the first half of the alphabet too, so we must have come up with the same name.

I must say that baby pink crocs are a little... uh... ridiculous? and yet belly-warming at the same time...

Sarah said...

oh, and you know how you asked me about lies that we tell pregnant people? "who-he-who-he" is one of those. I have yet to see a woman actually pull that off while in labor.