Saturday, May 23, 2009

Poor sweetie

My poor sweet cheeks is having tension issues. He was all tense and stressy during track season (middle school girls track...didn't know that was stress inducing) a few weeks ago. And now, he's all short of breath and tight chested again. He's cute and being all fatherly hormonal.

About 1/2 an hour after we went to bed last night, our cat woke me up with her pitiful cries, (for some reason, I always think that Ben is semi-awake like I am) and I, of course, thought that Ben should be the one to shut the bedroom door so that I wouldn't have to heave myself out of bed. The conversation went approximately like this:

me: "Ben, I think that you should shut the door."

Ben: "Is it time to go??"

me (groggily, laughingly, bemusedly): "No."

Ben...1/2 asleep and moving quicker than he ever does when I ask him to get up and do something got up and shut the door. Good boy. Sometimes it's more arduous convincing him that it's his turn to get up.

Now, tonight, he's lamenting his tension issues again. He hasn't been sleeping as well overall. He's all rushing trying to get things at a point where his grading is caught up and his finals are done and printed out. It's just a busy time of the year at school getting everything done in the last few days anyway. I think that he's taking this part of the pregnancy harder than I am! I only have to deal with crampy muscles and tired feet. My finals have been given and graded. In fact, if I don't go into labor like we both really think that I just might this weekend, then I really won't have *anything* to do this week. I don't even know what I'm teaching for sure next year, so I can't get a head start on figuring that out. I could clean a little...yuck.

Maybe I should give the poor guy a head rub. Maybe he should give me a foot rub like he promised last night. But that sounds harsh...he does deserve some relaxing, too. Poor guy has been working super hard all semester. We/I hear all the time "Oh, you must be so ready!" Not really. We're tired. We could really use just a couple of days before the stork visits. It may be a bit uncomfortable for me at night right now, but she's still calm and compact and easy to take out for ice cream. We just kind of like that about her staying where she's supposed to be. In the meantime, and in lieu of a head rub, my boy will get some hugs. He's a keeper.


starpilgrim said...

aww... I wish I could be around to see the little one soon. I hope you get your few days of quiet. Know that I'll be praying for you all!! Much love and lots of hugs.

sarahesperanza said...

yay Ben! yay Abby! yay you!!!!!!!