Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mini Coopers stalk me

I absolutely adore Mini Coopers, albeit from a distance as I cannot actually afford one. And, they're not so practical for us right now. Sometimes being practical isn't really any fun. I bet I could afford one if I tried, but that whole 2-door and tiny trunk issue is an overwhelming negative for a family car.

My former principal used to drive a Mini Cooper and remembers my love of them, apparantly. She teases me about my adoration of them occassionally. But really, I'm convinced that they stalk me and therefore taunt me in their stalkage.

Case in point--a week ago, Ben and I were up in N Manchester for the day on Sunday. I drove each way so that Ben could do homework. I kept a running tally over the course of the journey and realized that I saw 7 or 8 different Minis smiling at me, winking at me, driving flirtatiously close to me. At the time, I laughed about it. But then...the next day and the next day and the next day, they're THERE. Turning corners with the allure of a silver bumper flashing in the sun. Idling at stoplights with precocious playfulness. Gunning their engines with a European flair.

I walked to my car on Wednesday night after my last Ball State class was over and mockery of all mockeries...a seductive little piece of manual transmission cuteness had shimmied into the parking space directly beside me. On the driver's side. Cuddling up close to my suddenly bulky SUV. I felt a bit badly for my cute little Mountaineer; it's doomed to forever be in the shadows of the starlet that is the Mini Cooper. It felt just like I do when I'm around my adorable 5', size-maybe-2, what does cellulite mean? friends. It's the average kid who just realized how average they are after standing beside the perfectly proportioned kid who we all envy even though we know that it's not just about looks.

Just once, I want to test drive a Mini Cooper. Just once, I want to feel some modicum of power over the little tiger that never ceases to stalk me...preferably a pewter one.

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