Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have a paper to write

I have a paper to write, so I shall blog instead. This is eerily similar to New Tech/problem based learning? Slam New Tech! No one who reads this, all 3 of you, will get that. But I'm giggling on the inside.

I have a paper to write, so I suddenly realize all that I need to do on Facebook and how badly I need to save and organize all of the pictures from the last month.

I have a paper to write, so I think about how I have 2 full days at home with nowhere that I have to go so surely I will be able to get more than enough done then.

I have a paper to write, so I'm doing what any normal student does and procrastinate, at least just a wee bit. I actually worked on it earlier today, for about 20 minutes. But a good 20 minutes it was!! Truly, I got more done today in that amount of time than the terrible 90 or so minutes that I worked on it Monday.

I have a paper to write, and my tooth, which has already had a root canal, a crown and then another crown hurts. I think I'm cursed.

I have a paper to write, but it seems like I should just gaze fondly upon pictures of Abby from her first few days of life and remember the good old days. How long ago they seem. I saw a 2 week old baby today and thought, was Abby ever that small? Undoubtedly, she was. How strangely perspective shifts in the space of a few days.

I have a paper to write, but Ben's now rubbing my feet. Mmmm. There's absolutely nothing happening with the paper tonight. And I don't care. I feel good.

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