Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bleeding blue

First Colts game ever!! But no pictures to share. There's a short video on my camera, but there it must stay as we have no means of taking it off of the camera.

First Colts game ever...and it was a blast!!

Rewind a second--Ben and I give ourselves "fun money" every month where we cannot dictate how the other person spends their allotted cash and it can be accrued. I usually spend mine on me things, like candles and Crocs. Sometimes some Vera Bradley bags. Ben often saves his up until he has a considerable chunk and then spends it in a made whirl of luxury on something like a flat panel computer monitor or Colts tickets. Almost a year ago, he decided that he was going to buy 2 tickets to a Colts game with his fun money. I was luckily his numero uno choice to go with him. Pre us-ness, I was a baseball nut and didn't follow football whereas Ben was a football nut and hated every baseball team except the Reds on principal only cause he never watched the games. Post us-ness, we're both pretty much hooked on each other's sports passions.

I bleed Atlanta Braves blue in the summer, but with the changing of the leaves in the fall, my blue blood changes to Colts blue. I admittedly love watching football with Ben to the extent now that I watch it without him and am the proud owner of my own fantasy football team. It doesn't hurt that Colts just has the cutest, goodest guys amongst all of the teams. Really, these players are just good guys who are part of the Indianapolis community, and I dig that a lot.

In order to go on this jaunt, we had to give up Abby for the day. Not tragic but still not something that comes all that easily to me/us yet. Thankfully, all went well, which will help in the future when the need for some considerable babysitting time pops up again. It did make preparations for this all day adventure quite a bit more time consuming and the shtuff that had to be hauled 8 miles away to the grandparentals' house seemed to fill up the car.

Okay, so the game...there really isn't anything quite like watching your team charge onto the field in their home stadium. In the beautiful, sparkly new stadium, it's just infectiously fun. Ben parked us on the 45 yard line, 2nd row from the very top of the stadium. Really, wonderful seats despite the long trek to the top. You could see everything and there weren't any annoying people sitting behind us. Neither of us had ever been to a pro football game, so we didn't know what to expect really. But, pleasantly surprised that the crazy drinking fools were basically nonexistent and there was no beer splashed around on me. Could it be in part because it was a 1:00 game and that's a wee bit early to become too sloshed? Probably not. We just ended up in a good, controlled section.

The super creative costumes that people uninhibatedly wear to these games is amusing...purses out of coffee can sized cans, feather headdresses, dangly blue earrings, bangly necklaces, and even a Colts chef's hat. I felt underdressed in my Colts jersey, Colts sweatshirt and Colts stretchy band bracelet thing.

Favorite-ish part--Every time the Colts got a first down, the announcer says "And that's another Indianapolis Colts..." and everyone yells "FIRST DOWN!" The funniest part was when a Colts player got an interception, the announcer comes back with "another Indianapolis Colts..." and no one yelled anything. Another interception? Wasn't that the first one?

Amusing-ish part--the 30-something couple beside me that was acting like annoying teenagers, play fighting with each other. And contrary to whatever the lady was thinking, yes, the HUGE sliding window at the north side of the stadium was in fact closed, not opened, and no, the roof of the stadium is not made of glass. It was actually open.

Least favorite-ish part--didn't really have one. Guess what Ben...I had a great time, too. It was a rockin' date. Thanks for taking me. :-)

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