Saturday, August 21, 2010


And so the worst month since we've been married continues to drag on, relentlessly. The saga trying to find new child care for Abby has been nothing short of HORRENDOUS and emotionally taxing. It might sound silly, but it's been rough. Coupled with the beginning of school, the whole situation has brought me to tears repeatedly. And I can't quit my job right now with any good conscious or hope of returning to teaching, especially down here. We're stuck with virtually no options except daycare, which we loathe the idea of.

I think, though I've said this before, that we have a solution. Again. For the fourth time. Everything keeps falling through, and it's so frustrating to know that we're really close to putting Abby into a situation that we abhor.

Why would I ever have another child? There's no way...take this times two??? Yeah, like I can afford twice as much for child care.

I'm one more rejection away from seriously seriously giving two weeks notice and trying to beg a job at Starbucks for nights and weekends. This school year can't get over quick enough. Spite.

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