Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 months in, I guess

I'm at the point in the pregnancy where I'm not counting down to 10 weeks (the safety zone as I call it) or to 16 weeks (done with puking), and I'm not going in for check-ups every 2 weeks. And I kind of forget what week I am. I *think* that I'm around 21-22 weeks. It's the groove period where you're feeling relatively awesome (though sleeping is not my friend), you're retaining the last vestiges of free and easy movement, you're still fitting into some few and far between non-maternity shirts/sweatshirts, and you can travel pretty easily. In other words, it's a good time to be right now. AND, I can still zip/button my winter coats...barely. It's kind of funny looking trying to suck in your belly in this condition; you kind of get a little bit of a concave appearance on the sides. The front isn't moving! And AND and, the vanilla bean is kicking full force now, but the good kind, nothing that obnoxiously wakes me up or is uncomfortable. Toby and Leo enjoy my shelf--it's their favorite lounging pad at night. I can still hold Abby. It's a good time right now!

When I think of it in weeks, it's in the "eh, I'm only 20-something weeks along...lots of time yet." When I think of it in relation to due date, it's "eh, June is pretty far away still" (just for the record, I'm calling June 3rd--which is about as early as I delivered Abby and that was Abby's due date, so the symmetry intrigues me). When I think of it in regards to months, it's "OMGoodnessit'sonly4monthsawayandthisisthecrazytimeoftheschoolyearandBenjuststartedtrackandOHNOwehavetodosomething!!!"

Abby is down for a nap, Ben is gone, and I'm going to jump on some websites and start scouting cribs. White??? Espresso??? I don't know. How many BumGenius diapers do we need this time around? I don't know. What other things to do we need to set up a new baby's room? Hamper? Diaper basket? What else?? Stay with the strollers that we have or invest in a double????

When is the dresser going to be painted? When are we going to buy some stuff? Maybe I should have grabbed the credit card before I became ensconced here with two cats on me and a laptop.

And...I'm starting to stress about names. We have pretty much nothing, which isn't a comfortable feeling for me. Abby has declared several times that the new baby's name shall be "Girl;" I guess we could use that in a pinch. :-)

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Mariah said...

Maybe you should name her Nina, since nina (imagine the tilta) is Spanish for girl. ;)