Saturday, February 4, 2012

January freezer recipe

This isn't a new recipe for us, but it is one that I/we love dearly and make often--at least once a month. And, it makes a nice big pan full of enchiladas, so after we devour a couple when they're hot & fresh, it's easy enough to package up some for the next day's lunch and still stash one or two packs away in the freezer for one of those days. And this one is downright versatile, so most often we go vegetarian with it, but once in a while if I have some leftover cooked chicken, that will make it's way into the mix. Regardless of the poultry inclusion/exclusion, I pretty much always toss in a can of drained and rinsed black beans, which we're big fans of in many different recipes. I'm not quite as fussy with the ingredients in this one, obvoiusly: I always just use a regular onion, eyeball the amounts of sour cream & ricotta, use whatever kind of shredded cheese we have, etc. It always turns out lovely. Oh, and I highly recommend forgoing the regular red enchilada sauce for a green tomatillo sauce instead (I find it readily available in the same section of shelving at Meijer; it's slightly more expensive, but it's a cheap dish overall, so not too much of a splurge...and it's often on sale--stock up!). So, for the month of January, the freezer recipe is: Spinach Enchiladas from Allrecipes (my all-time favorite go-to recipe site).

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