Friday, February 24, 2012

the BGB

Thanks to the super sweet nurse at the doctor's office, I have learned that I am 24 weeks along, for those of you who were waiting with baited breath to know. But this also means that around the time of my next appointment, I have to do the ever so fun glucose test, though I didn't find the orange drink that disgusting and I only have to fast for 1 hour this time.

So we've had quite the turbulent week in toddler-ville around this house. Check that: month. Abby started complaining of pain in her hips early in February and one doctor visit a few days later revealed nothing in x-rays or tests. ("She knows what her hips are??" quoth the nurse. Um, yeah, and she's a beast at "Head and shoulders, knees & toes...") Then a week of silence about it and normalcy reigned. Then the pain returned and worse. Fever, other yucky things, and another doctor's visit. Un-fun blood sample. Much cuddling. Again nothing except a "probably..." but it's all seemed to be gone now, which is GREAT. And this whole kit & caboodle round 2 came exactly when we were forced to convert to the BGB.

I've been a firm believer in using the crib until there was a something to necessitate a change. In our case, Abby and I were getting ready before school a week ago in her room, and our conversation went something along the lines of
Abby: Mommy, I can crawl out of my crib.
Me: Really? Let me see.
A: Like this.
M: Oh. You can.
A: And I can get back in.
M: Really?
A: Yeah, like this. I did last night to get my blanket when no other peoples were in here.
M: Well, okay then.

The crib was gone the next day and we have a verifiable BGB--big girl's bed. I came across a soft, fluffy afghan that I made for Abby a year ago, and that's helped with the timing. It's a big girl blanket to use in her big girl bed, and it's super soft, which is right in Abby's happy wheelhouse. This kid is all about the soft textures. EXCEPT, that she now likes sleeping with "Daddy's hat" (a ski mask that Ben uses when he shovels snow in the winter). I'm not 100% sure how this new trend started, but it's about every night now. And my kid isn't the only one with funny little attachment quirks; her little BFF loves his pillowcase.

We've only had one naptime issue and one nighttime issue in a week. And, not sure if there's a connection here, but she's slept until 6 yesterday and today (hallelujah, I've had breakfast by myself for 2 straight days--merciful solace), knowing that she can get out of bed herself if she waits until there is a 6 ("or if there's a 7 or an 8 or a 9 or a 4") on the clock. And, the BGB is good timing for me. I frankly was finding it a little uncomfortable putting her into the crib lately. She's only 29 pounds, but that's enough to heft around my butterball belly right now.

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