Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The mouse (eating cupcakes) in the house

Here's the story of the mouse (eating cupcakes) in the house.  What a louse, that mouse.

It sure was a shame, and it was even kind of lame for that louse of mouse in the house.  It started simply enough, but then it got tough when the house decided to enter the house.  A simple birthday surprise that I'll now have to reprise because that mouse decided to enter the house unannounced.  We dropped off a treat, and you know it was sweet, because when else can you beat getting the pass to eat all the ice cream and cake that you can take? 

We dropped off a bag that didn't have a tag, and it held a chocolate treat that was snuggled in sparkly paper, nice and neat.  While on the phone, she opened the bag that didn't have a tag, but she knew it was from us and there was no artifice.  We heard her exclaim in delight what was soon in her sight.  But that shout turned to shock as she began to loudly talk, "There's a mouse in the house, get it Dave!"

So the mouse came in the house in the bag with no tag.  But it was soon escorted out with nothing short of a shout.  It was priceless to hear her tone as she was still on the phone.  And now I need to re-treat an equivalent sweet treat.  But perhaps we will bring it inside rather than try to hide that innocuous bag with no tag that the mouse turned into his own little house.

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