Thursday, October 23, 2014

Best advice -- #Blogtober

Look at that.  As soon as I declared that I was jumping on the #Blogtober bandwagon, I fell right back off it.  Here's my last ditch effort at putting my money where my blogging mouth is because Fall Break happened.  While I envisioned moments like right now where I would peck away at my keyboard while the boy was around to take over some of my normal time-filling activities (dropping off and picking up a Kindergartner, anyone?), instead I've been choosing to do things like create an indoor hopscotch board and watch Scandal.  Guess what...I discovered Scandal! and I know I'm behind the times, but Scandal!  

Advice is a funny thing.  You get it everywhere, both requested and unsolicited.  Occasionally, it sticks; most of the time, it doesn't.  (I'm looking at you random people in stores when I was pregnant.)  But here it is, my absolute favorite piece of advice that I ever received, which has carrie me through 9 years of teaching:

You will never have 2 bad days in a row.  I don't know why, but that's just the way it is.

When you're a newbie teacher, the advice of experienced, trusted co-workers can often carry more weight than later in your career.  Thanks, Theresa Pletch.  You were invaluable in boosting my confidence and helping me understand that I have a place in education. 

Her words from 9 years ago have come back to me every time I came home defeated or angry at situations sometimes in my control but often dictated by others.  And this advice has never once failed me, perhaps because I've pre-determined that the next day will be better.  It always has been.  Wonderous.


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Sarah Claucherty said...

Interesting...choose to have a better day tomorrow rather than letting today's struggles defeat you even before tomorrow begins.

And Scandal! :) It's great no matter when you jump on the Scandal bandwagon!