Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spoken like a true 5-year old

Kids are all levels of hilarity.  Once they start stringing words together to form complete thoughts, all manner of mus-interpretations and fails in social etiquette ensues.

We have one of those awkward little persons.  She's five, bless her heart.

*This morning at 9:48, trying to put everyone's shoes on everyone's feet in order to walk out the door for church:

#2 was modeling a shiny, patent-y bronze, new pair of shoes.  #1 (i.e. the five-year old): "You look so cute!  You look like a...step-mother!"

*Just now, at 3:43, everyone wiling away the time with their individual pursuits, but it's a small house, so what #1 (who's in the living room) says to the boy (who's in the kitchen) is still easy enough for me to overhear (since I'm in my bedroom):

#1 is lounging in the recliner with her weekend screen time: "Hey Daddy, guess what?  You're going out to your car to get my blanket!"  And she's back to "Tar-ZAN!"  I've decided to try this tactic next time I want something.  "Hey, guess what?  You're going to change out of your PJs and go get me some ice cream even though it's 9 p.m. on a school night, and I'd like pecans and brownie chunks!"

I like her style.

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