Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back to life ramblings

Can you notice the difference in me this morning?  After a two-week hiatus (fall break threw off my routine), I have found my way back to my favorite squishy chair in the nook of my favorite coffee shop.  Life can commence now as normal.  Apparently, I lost my head from sheer exhilaration because I promptly ordered a large coffee of the day but put a side of salted caramel cupcake on that.  That was not planned for in advance, my friends.  This mini-apolis may not have much going in the way of culture and whatnot, but it has phenomenal cupcakes at a best kept secret kind of coffee place.  So that makes up for a least on Thursday mornings.

***I used to get a semi-regular dose of these divine cupcakes when I would sometimes watch the daughter of a friend, who is big into cupcakes herself and thought we should share in the joy that is cupcakes.  We said yes we should and thank you.***

It turns out that I started a list of things to blather on about on here, but then I forgot what it was that the list was for, and apparently I took it to be some sort of rambling to-do list.  So I deleted one or two of my possible blog topics.  What I deleted was of such vital importance that I can't remember what it was that I so very desperately wanted to write about.  Not at all.  That's my gift to you this week cause who wants to slog through a blog of such epic unimportance? 

Instead, I'll throw a quick shout-out to the one item left on my fun-tastic list: family pictures.  We went all in with my side of the family for some fall-tastic family shots.  It was beyond-tastic of whatever you could possibly imagine.  Even though it was only two weeks ago, the couple of things that stand out in my mind are this:

1.  The boy and my dad both had to go to the bathroom the whole time we were there (2 hours).  Like the little boys that they both are, they stubbornly refused to get in the car and drive 5 minutes to someplace where they could make a quick stop.  They would have been gone 15 minutes max.  We could have survived without them for that long.  Neither of them would do it.
2.  The photographer wouldn't take pictures of anyone in the sun.  Is this a photography thing?  I know that you have to be aware of light and whatnot, but does late afternoon fall sun really skew things so mightily?  It seems like there were a-plenty o candid shots that were subsequently lost because of this.  Pose me not.
3.  My mom posed with her hands on her hips like Superwoman.  My mom is not one who enjoys the camera's attention, and for her to stand as such with all of us just proves that she's a good sport and that she loves her family quite a lot.   

And there you go.  I exhausted that topic it seems, which is good--how much more will you all take of this?!

In the meantime, enjoy your Halloween everyone (otherwise known as one of the biggest contradictions of parenting that there is: we shall spend much money and much time on our child's costume so that he/she can beg candy from strangers only for us to turn around and get cranky about how much candy our little angel has, which leads us to start figuring out ways to get rid of said candy on the sly...chucking it in the trash a few pieces at a time and foisting it off on random high schoolers are our two favorite routes of candy extraction)!

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