Monday, November 10, 2014


Abstract:  I love me some weddings. I never get through everything that I want to do when I get a bit of time.  We accidentally watched TV for a couple of hours.  And, I gag through sweet potatoes.  Keep get's better. 

Here's the best bit first:  I love me some weddings.  It never fails; weddings just put me in a warm & squishy mood.  If we're invited to a wedding and we can go, then you can bet your first dance that we're going.  I'm also a fan of not taking my children to a wedding, especially when they don't have a solid emotional connection to the couple.  Weddings are just a perfect reason to call up ye olde in-laws and  plan a slumber party at the grandparents' pad.  Which we did.  And then...

Kid-free time happened, which means that I had about 10 hours of free time planned for about 3 actual hours.  Over-achieving.  For my down-time, I brought with me all of the following: a laptop (grading), an iPad (Netflix & email), a full-sized afghan that's down to the last skein or two before it's complete (Christmas present for #2), a memoir (go women, go), and 3 newspapers (it's good to catch up on 3 days ago).  Sadly, I forgot my Bon Apetit.  But no matter, I've worked through 20 pages since we've gotten back and accumulated another magazine today.  That's never ending in a good way, but still...never ending.  Part of the reason why I didn't get through my massive amount of reading & work is because...

I accidentally got caught in an impromptu Property Brothers marathon, thereby doing practically nothing else.  And the boy watched almost all of it with me without once kindly suggesting that we either check any of the other 900 channels or else just turn it off for the love of the DIY-gods.  (Here's my shout-out to the multiple homeowners on the show who have said they've been looking for a new home for 2 years.  I'll see that mark and raise it to 4 years.  At some point, we just need to suck it up and write the check, right?)  So that was a strange couple of hours that isn't how we normally spend our time.  And do you know what else I don't normally do?

I don't typically eat sweet potatoes.  Friends, I try.  There is something about them that automatically initiates my gag reflex.  But I'm also a firm believer of teaching my kids what healthy food choices are in part by example.  Fortunately, both of my tubers like their sweet potatoes.  Unfortunately, neither the boy nor I do.  We suffer through it when we feel we can't downright avoid them.  All for the sake of our children.  That's love.  Even better, I managed to hurt my thumb on the sweet potato last night.  That's right--the sweet potato, not the knife that I was using to cut it.  Indulge me while I state that again: I hurt my thumb to the point of bleeding on a sweet potato and not the knife.  Darn tubers.  Don't let their 1970s orange-vibe lull you into funky town: they're crafty little boogers.

By the way--that Bon Apetit I mentioned earlier?  It's chock-a-block full of recipes focusing on s-w-e-e-t p-o-t-a-t-o-e-s right now what with Thanksgiving looming large.  And that mag is so modern, elegant, and enticing that it makes always makes me fight back against that gag reflex.  But then I remember I like pretty everything else, so I move on with life and my Thanksgiving will remain sweet potato free.  It's a safe zone here.  All are welcome.    

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