Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reno, reno, ren-o-vate

Here's the deal.  I'm still catching up on Scandal, don't get me wrong (season 3, my friend!).  But, it's a hard show to watch while grading, which is what I do a lot of own my own time. 

Netflix, my partner in crime during afternoon grade-fests, now has seasons of Property Brothers and House Hunters at my ready disposal.  Home reno shows give me a bit of something to watch while still allowing me to concentrate (for the most part).

Well.  This also means that I'm dreaming big dreams again of finding a magical new house exactly where we need it to be and well under our budget so that we could have the chance to do fun (FUN!) things like put up backsplashes and crown molding. 

But riddle me do these families have such crazy budgets? 

Exhibit A:  A family of 6 (soon to be 7) has a budget over $800,000.  Mom stays home with the kids.  Dad teaches.  Wait, what was that?  Teaches?  Kind of like my own family?  Well, presumably yes (minus a couple of little people).  Move us to that school district and show us some classrooms.  We'll work there.

Exhibit B:  Mom is a flight attendant and dad is an electrician.  The budget is over $500,000.  Color me befuddled.

I could go on, but I won't.  Instead, I'll point out that the young couple who is buying a house together for the first time (unmarried) based on the guy's income alone isn't staying together for long.  That house is the guy's.  The girl isn't going to be in the picture much longer.  She's not paying for anything, and the guy talks about that as well as repeatedly referring to it as "my own place."  Pronouns speak volumes. 

If I ever have a budget for a home that is closer to a cool million than a lukewarm 100-K, it was nice knowing you cause I'm not living here anymore.

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