Monday, April 27, 2015



Monday mornings are not my favorite morning of the week because they're far too loosey-goosey for me.  I do like me some structure and purpose when I have to be the tour director for the goof troop.  And I'm pretty lousy at planning activities of consequence because a) I hate the clean-up, b) I hate the ratio of time it takes me to put said activity together with the amount of time that the child(ren) actually activaty it, and c) I hate the non-ending "Isitready? Isitready? Canwedoityet? Isitready?" questions.  The activating part is often pretty fun.  But then again, I feel all "don't really care much" about a cute little octopus made out of coffee filters and crepe paper. 

I haven't heard any other parents throwing this out there.  So I will (unashamedly, mind you).

Well, this morning had no planned activities, but there was some pick-up puzzle action.  A lot bit of sitting in the sun, aimlessly.  And, it ended with some biscuit making.  Little hands are good for putting biscuits on a tray.  (Flour is apparently oh-so good to sneak a taste.  My kids are all about it.  I mean, sweeties, go for the gold and snag the biscuit dough when I'm not looking, not the plain flour.)

It was a pretty sweet Monday morning.

And now I got my grading done, I found all sorts of wanna-watch-that shows on Netflix, my afternoon coffee has kicked in, and I'm getting CPR/First Aid/AED certified tonight so that I can renew my license, and biscuits!!!  (One of these things is not like the other.)

So here's to the first of two crazy track weeks.  I need to go read while the reading is good.  'Cause regardless of my snarky tone a few days ago, reading is glorious.  I need to go get me some of that activitating. 

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