Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Unburden" isn't 7 letters

My computer has been having a case of the Thursdays: "I don't want to go in to work today; can't it just be the weekend, already?"  Ha...fooled you, computer!  If I turn you on and off enough, one of us is going to wear down AND IT WON'T BE ME!!!  I also took a break from lashing out since I'm in public right now and I don't like to show my ugly technology/I'm really an old woman side around those whom I am not comfortably wearing my pajamas.  So I did my Thursday crossword, took several sips of Kahula Creme coffee (please, it's Thursday morning...non-alcoholic), and gave the old laptop the evil eye.  That seemed to work.

By the way, a couple of months ago on the way up for a weekend visit with the family, the boy whipped out a crossword to work in the car while we were cruising down the interstate.  (Don't get slanty eyed here; I was driving.)  Ever since, we've been fighting over who gets to do the crosswords insofar as I usually do as much as I want and leave him the dregs cause they're my newspapers and we have rules here that Thou Shalt NOT touch my newspaper before I do.  He knows this and continues to be married to me.  True love when you can get snappy about unfolding a fresh newspaper and still laugh with each other and kiss each other goodnight.

Why is it that suddenly the crossword is something to look forward to?  Is this what our 30s are going to be?

We're going on a child-free jaunt up the California coastline this summer, and I'm lying here when I say that I've already thought multiple times that we can work on crosswords together over breakfast, sipping coffee leisurely while basking in ocean views and unadulterated sunshine.

Now I'm down to 14 minutes left of my child-free Thursday morning time.  What else can I jam in here of little to no consequence?

(This is what happens when I just want to write and have little to say.)

Well, my wandering eyes have been basking in the possibilities of jobs, jobs everywhere...please Lord, guide us if we are ready for the next season of our lives.

Here's something that is unendingly frustrating: Ten years of classroom experience working with students does not directly translate to 1-3 years of experience advising students.  

I've been thinking hard and looking hard for a new start.  A week ago, I was making small talk over shrimp cocktails and iced tea at a faculty banquet, and multiple times, I was asked "But what do you do in the daytime?"  Tricky question, that.  I don't identify myself as a stay-at-home mother, though society sees me as such.  So I answered truthfully, and every time, my conversation partner changed my words to indicate my JOY and EXTREME SATISFACTION and LUCK at being a stay-at-home mother.  Hello, there.  We're not bosom buddies, but please listen to my words and do not assume that I am you and that you are me.  On behalf of purposeful and open communication between well-intentioned people, can we please just listen to each other and not assume that they ascribe to the same desires and beliefs as you do?  Please and thank you. 

That being said...I have to go pick up my favorite two-year old from pre-school and act the part of personal chef and assistant.  I am more than willing to do so.  But, that is not my ALL but rather a part of my all. 

By the way...does anyone know what ___ oneself; express worries to a confidant is (UNB----)?  'Cause "unburden" just doesn't fit, though that's obviously what I just did here.  


Sarah Claucherty said...

Does "unbosom" work? It is an older synonym for "unburden" and also means to disclose concerns or worries to a confidant.

'Tis 7 letters and fits the "unb____" you referenced!

Amy said...

It is "unbosom"! I had a mistake - "zebra" instead of "panda" for "black and white mammal," but that helped the last couple of answers fall into place. Thanks!

Sarah Claucherty said...

Happy to help! ;)