Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Squirrely and certifiable

There's a squirrel hanging out in our raised bed right now.  We call him "Jimmy."  But then again, we call 3 out of 4 squirrels "Jimmy."  We also have "Stumpy."  (Bet you can't figure why I named him that.)

Yesterday, we got back from picking up the Elder at school, and there was a pair of mallard ducks hanging out on top of our house.  Right up there on the peackity-peak-peak.  Mr. Mallard was so comfortable with our house that he was downright asleep.  Mrs. Mallard was doing her part and keeping watch for both of them. 

We live in a neighborhood not known for roosting ducks.  There's probably some neighborhoods out there that are, but ours is not one of them.  I dig it when animals get all comfy cozy with us.

I'm basically distracted.  Squirrely, if you will.

I'm really trying to figure out the best CPR/First Aid/AED training option that I can take so that I can renew my teaching license, which would enable me to look for job that I will likely never look for again.  Naturally, this makes sense.  Let's think about how this looks right now.

*I already got the degree out of the way.  Hot dog.  That didn't cost anything.  (I jest.)
*I had to ask an ex-principal to pleasetaketimeoutofyourbusyscheduletowriteasappylittlelettersayingthatIusedtoworkforyou.  Well, the boy did it for me.  (I'm not jesting.)
*I've made three calls to the Department of Education.  'Cause they're nice on the phone but junk when emailing.
*I have to become certified in CPR/First Aid/AED.  Here's a quick clue about my thoughts on this requirement:  I have to pay for it, and I don't know what "AED" specifically stands for.  It takes hours of my I'm-not-doing-anything-else time.  And, I have to pay for it.

And this is all for having a 10-year back-up.  All of this isn't to say that I would never teach again, but it's not at the top of my next-step-in-life list.  Upside: I'm finally working through my next-steps-in-life.  Downside:  This uncertainty bites.
Realistically, I get it.  I make the boy and my parents nervous when I want to let the license expire.  Selfishly, I want to let it expire to do something reckless and in-the-moment rather than forward thinking and prepared. 

Some day...I will be FOOLISH and RECKLESS and JAY WALK WITHOUT REGARD FOR THE BETTERMENT OF SOCIETY.  Until then, someone just pass me a CPR dummy and let this dummy get her certification on.

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