Friday, May 8, 2015

Chocolate and velvet and two feet forward

Who else started their morning at 5:30 a.m. for no apparent reason other than the boy was being dreadfully noisy?  I may have inadvertently picked half a fight about nothing, scarfed 3 biscuits, and had a prolonged temper tantrum in the shower all in the space of 30 minutes.

The girls have been sleeping in like champs this week and the boy left for an early practice, so I turned on ye 'olde Netflix at 6:04 a.m. because there's nothing that says "This morning needs a sweet bit of funny" faster than stamping your foot in a wet puddle.  Ironically, there's nothing that says "Turn off that Netflix and make me some breakfast" faster than the sound of the Younger's door opening and a wee voice calling ever so pleedingly, "Mommy, can I get up now?"  Oh, wait now, that wasn't ironic at all.  (Bad timing, yes...)

(Our shower isn't draining well right now 'cause it seems that someone has long drain-clogging hair and it can take some gumption to step up and adult things now and again.)

And then Friday took over, and  good things happened. 

The Elder was invited to a birthday playdate after school today at a good friend's house with one of her best chums.  We adore this family.  Once I hung up the phone, it struck me how quickly and without qualms I put that appointment on the Elder's social calendar, unlike other social happenings that we've had to wade through this past year.  Oh, that feels good.

My daughters complied with each other and with me, and we were each of us breakfasted, bathroomed, teeth brushed, AND dressed before 7:30.  H-a-p-p-i-l-y.  That's some surrrious voodoo going on right there.  And listen to what happened next: we read five books and played outside for 30 minutes before leaving 8 minutes early for school.  Oh, that was fun times.

The Younger was glorious fun (and very smoochy/huggy) tagging along for grocery shopping this morning.  She was SO distracting that a box of popsicles and two boxes of ice cream bars fell into my cart when I wasn't looking.  Then, once you get all into the checkout lane, you can't very well not buy the frozen treats now, can you?!?  When Haagen and Dazs wink in my general direction on such a day as this, I wink back and say "How you doin'?!"

But it gets better!  My very very very very very very favorite chocolate velvet coffee redolent of all things bright and beautiful was delivered smack dab on my doorstep along with two new pairs of shoes one whole day early!  (Seriously, when does that happen?  Three whole days late, sure...)  Right now, I'm hitting it hard and heavy in my numero uno mug on cup numero dos.  (I already busted out a reference to "All Things Bright and Beautiful;" maybe now I'll throw in some "All God's Critters Have a Place in the Choir."  Just because the day seems ripe for pulling out some Sunday School classics.)

The Younger was more than ready to hibernate with a stack of books, so that made it a great time for a bit of shoe flaunting in my very own kitchen.  Note that this is only the second time I've ever ordered shoes online, and I'm happy to report that one pair of shoes came in two different sizes.  You know, I was definitely waffling between the size I always wear and the next size down, which I haven't worn since I was in the 4th grade...just in case my feet shrunk in the last 20 years after 2 child bearing experiences whereupon my ligaments stretched and did not unstretch, as they are wont to do.  I'm serious this not worth a good laugh?  Two different sizes, all in the same box.  Snuggling like they belong together (not unlike a freshman and a senior at prom).

I think we'll make it through another day.  By the grace of all that is chocolatey and velvety.

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