Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"I arrived!"

When I mentioned several days ago that my next course doesn't start until the end of July, which immediately renders my mind to switch into bored mode, I forgot how I'm actually a faux student for six weeks starting yesterday.  Oh, that's right.  I get to take a six-week course to become certified to teach on-line courses with one of the institutions which currently give me teacher keys to their building.  Granted, I signed up for this voluntarily because flexibility is a smart tool to stash in your back pocket, but still. 

Color me excited.

I do but endure some tutorials on how to post new threads to discussion boards (those that I've been doing for a few years now).

It's a large "class," and there's a diverse amount of previous technological experience, so I understand the need to make sure that everyone is on the up and up.  It's mostly the reverberating idea that "You will not pass unless you turn in everything and receive at least a 90% on all course work."  Friends, I can't just camp out on mute here and let the e-meeting continue on without me. 

This certification shmertification process nicely illustrates my professional life since graduating with my BA, which I'm now counting in the tens of years ago.  It's been a whole lot of grabs for anything necessary to set-up the possibility of a sustainable future.  I hyperventilate a bit at the beginning until I realize it's not so bad, I can get through it with little more than some niggling annoyances.

And to finish my point, I'm going to recount a smile worthy bit from the Younger this morning.  It's Tuesday, which means "library day" (not unlike Wednesday was always cardboard pizza day when I was in elementary school).  We were a bit behind this morning, so when we finally walked into the library, I was calculating how long it had been since the last potty break.  While I have no qualms about relying on her to let me know when she needs a quick pit stop, I didn't want to schlep all of our books from the back of the library to the front where the bathrooms are needlessly.  Plus, she was kind of dancey.  Well.  She insisted twice that no, she was good to go.  But once we meandered back to the children's section, e.g. her Heaven on Earth, she soon snuck up behind me with her warbly-voiced "Actually, I do need to go potty."  So we trooped back to the front, and the bathrooms there are located at the end of this pseudo-hallway, which she enjoys toddler skipping down.  I'm not in that phase of life anymore, so I casually followed her, and once she reached the dark, single-use bathroom, I saw her stop and heard her proudly declare, "I arrived!"

Well, some day, I plan to "arrive!" too.  And when I do, even if it's a similarly dark nebulous space (of dubious excitement), maybe I'll take a moment to stick my hands out and be proud of myself in the act of doing so.  Certification to teach on-line courses may not be all that much in the scheme of my days, but the little things are often more indicative of larger achievements.  My child is well potty trained; I will continue serving as I have been trained to do.  Some things are no small feats. 

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