Thursday, May 7, 2015

Suggestions, please!

Our summer is looking to be a fair bit crazy, and the scheduling just keeps coming.  I generally don't mind the crazy because it's both a nice change of pace and a challenge.  It helps to make up for a lot of the snoresville from the majority of the year.  And, frankly, I can only stand there for so long pushing a tot in a swing.  (They both enjoy a good swing for halfs of hours on end.) 

But I'm looking ahead at some reading opportunities, and I'm ready to jump back on that pony full tilt cause we've kind of inadvertently gone our separate ways for a bit now.  THat happes every now and again for me.  But we always meet up like old friends on a park bench and gab gab gab all day long eventually. 

Right now, I'm a few chapters in Spinster: Making a life of one's own by Kate Bolick, and while she gets bogged down in perambulating a bit frequently, the gist of her message is honest and true, which is an endearing quality to find in a memoirist.  And frankly, I identify with a lot of what she's throwing out there.  If I hadn't stumbled into the boy, I'm pretty well sure that I would not be married right now and none the worse for it.

So now, gentle readers, I ask of you what reading recommendations you might have for me in the next few months?  I see a lot of these questions bandied about and debated of late as this seems to be the time of year when quite a few of us realize that we've been wayward and just want to come home.
And I'll leave you today with one more query that has been pinging around in my noggin for months now.  My is long.  This is not so much of a statement about me wanting to have long hair as it is an understanding that it has to look like something so it might as well be this.  But, frankly, I'm starting to question its commitment to doing anything for me.  So if you have any basic hair cutting ideas for me as well, much appreciated.  Keep the long hair (I do enjoy a good pony...every day)?  Hack it off and reintroduce the back of my neck to the world?  Do note that it is fine and resistant to anything one might call "styling."  Nor do I really want to make friends with it in that way, whether long or short.  I'm feeling particularly ambivalent about it and would likely jump headlong (groan) into the "retired woman" look, but that would probably require me to get it trimmed more often than twice a year, which is admittedly my current schedule.

I will now recline in my chair and allow you all to therapy me.  Please do! 

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