Saturday, January 9, 2016

CHIP-ing in

After the last soggy saga, I'll just lead with this - the very antithesis of anything melancholy.  I bought TWENTY bags of Nestle chocolate chips last week for $.75 apiece.  Tha's right.  SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS APIECE.  Right there in ye olde clearance aisle at ye olde grocery store.  WHY were these marked down to pennies on the dollar?  I know not.  And they don't expire for at least four months, which is approximately the length of time that these will last given the rate of consumption of chocolate chips that happens in my house.

Actual, bona fide, real-life example:

Adult person staring into my pantry:  "I'm hungry.  I need a snack.  What do I feel like?  Well...I guess I don't have any options.  I'll just have to go with these." [grabs handfuls of chocolate chips]

The boy was actually the one who taught me the joy of eating chocolate chips straight out of hand.  I had already discovered the nirvana of sweetened coconut out of bag, so it seems likely that I would have latched on to this possibility at some point in time.  It probably would have been my gateway drug. 

But I'm the "fancy" one in the house.  So I'll usually take my chips with cashews, pecans or pretzels for an automatic chocolate dipped fillintheblank delight.  The boy eats his straight off of the kitchen table like heathen.  Mine masquerade quite respectably as trail mix.
I was sifting through my weekly grocery slog and came across a coupon for $.75/2 bags of Nestle chips.  I queried the boy to see if he wanted me to "stock up" to which he replied "You're so funny!  I'm glad that I married you because you're just too funny!!  Stop being so funny!!!"  Or something.  So I bypassed that whopper of a deal because TWENTY BAGS, friends.  
I also bough a half gallon of buttermilk for $1 that was also clearanced out but still had a few days of life in it yet.  It's a wee bit shocking how many bread products one can whip up given a half gallon of buttermilk.  Suffice it to say that the freezer is FULL of good, good things, namely chocolate and bread.  

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