Friday, March 25, 2016

Couch potato

I have a log that I've been keeping lately on my nightstand, detailing when I actually sleep in my bed versus when I sleep (happily, I might add) on my couch.  And, folks, the couch is the clear winner. 

So, I've been having problems sleeping. 

Correct that, I've been having MEGA SUPER DUPER EXTREMO problems getting to sleep.  For about 6 months.  Or my whole life.

Inevitably, when I put the book down and turn the light off, one of three things happens.

1.  I fall asleep fairly easily.  (That doesn't happen much anymore.)
2.  I drift off and then magically find  myself wide awake 15-30 minutes after trying to go to sleep.  (I love it when this happens.)
3.  My mind performs mental aerobics about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  This includes everything from renditions of Let It Go on repeat to ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness to "Hey, I'm really comfortable.  I'm so glad that I'm fully awake to enjoy this feeling of comfort."

But.  My refrigerator hums a merry tune of white noise and my couch is delightfully comfortable.  And that combo puts me to sleep every time.  Not only that, but I sleep well.  So it's really something of a toss-up some nights; I don't even miss my bed when Option B is Option Pretty Wonderful.

I've come across a couple of "Here's How to Sleep Better in 10 Easy Steps!" pieces lately, and yeah..nothing.  And I'm actually sharing this for a particular reason; I'm a pretty firm believer that you don't have to share a bedroom if you're married.  Why?  Instead, sleep when and how you need to sleep.  So, I'll probably just keep on keeping on - throwing down my little couch nest and getting cozy. 

Plus, the kiddos pile on me in the mornings if I'm still there, and that's always a happy time.

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