Friday, September 2, 2016

Call me later...I'm in jail

I'm not in jail.  But the boy thought that I was.

SO.  My spouse thought I was in jail.  At least kinda sorta thought I was.

We've been running through a string of crummy luck, not the crummiest ever or even the crummiest locally (It's been rough driving around town, and I think I was detoured 4 times yesterday various places and times.  Lot's of tough times for people here right now.)  Still, it's been kinda lousy timing, and the old pocketbook has had many a hit.

Like I whined about before, we just shelled out $2000 a few weeks ago to repaint various cars and panels on both of our cars.  Last week bit the big one, and I now I realized that I spoke too fast.  While I was driving in torrential, hydroplaning rain to pick up a whole bunch of cow (which is a whole bunch of money, and one that I chose to spend, but still a whole bunch of mooooo-la, if you will...which I don't particularly want to spend at the moment), I got a call from the boy which began "Everyone is alright, but I need you to call me back right now.  I got rear-ended."  Well, I'm glad that the car was nice and re-painted for this little adventure.  Ergo, another car issue.  More money gone, alas, gone. 

And then yesterday, I got boxed in while driving by the large parking lot where the city is collecting the mountains of trees that were blown down in the storms.  I got stuck driving over a small-ish, 1-inch-ish in diameter, 5 feet-ish long tree limb, which went all ka-chunky on me.  And that made this panel-thing on the underside of my car go all draggy-draggy on me.  Money fleeing from my very balled-up-fisty hands.

One more before this story gets better: my kid needs to start allergy shtuff, which requires having an epi-pen on hand.  Have you also been shaking your head at what you've been hearing about the cost of epi-pens?  Yep.  Can't wait to get my hands on one of those for hundreds of single dollars.  There's nothing I want to do more than run some cost analysis on these things with various local pharmacies. 

But here's where the birds started singing and the heavens rejoiced.  I feel that the tides, they are a'turnin'.  Epi-pen: FREE.  My car: fixed & FREE.  Combine this with g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s, temperate weather and no grading actively waiting on my attention and that's a recipe for a downright GOOD day.  There's a bounce in my step and spring in my toes.

Oh wait, there's still the part where the boy thought I was in jail.  He called to ask if I was the woman who was (supposedly) calling from the jail and who left a message on his phone presumably asking for some bail assistance.  So naturally, naturally, he thought that it was me.  And then called to confirm that it was not.  Bless his incredulous heart. 

The fates have not been particularly blessful lately, but they sent me a pleasant chuckle today.  Sunshine and flower petals for all.  I'm going to enjoy the day and not being in jail, at least for a few hours.

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Eliseo Weinstein said...

It seems like you’ve been having a string of bad luck, but things are starting to look up for you. My wife would’ve laughed at me for thinking she was in jail. It would probably end up being a running joke for a while. I wonder if the actual woman in jail was able to get a hold of her own husband.